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YoloBox to YoloBox – Can you stream from one Yolo to another?

Photo Moment - June 03, 2022

The YoloBox has the ability to stream from one box to another, and integrate that stream into your show. Let's see how it works!

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Aron has a delay
Yes I can here you guys
Hey photo Josheph
Hey I have the instream and yolobox pro
Hey, I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm having some difficulties, and I've been reaching out to Yolocast and haven't gotten an answer. I don't know if I can send you a picture, but I cannot get youtube connected to Yolocast. Saying that it's offline when doing setup tests. I have been using Yolo box pro and Yolocast for the past two weeks on my show. The Dream Homers Show. Before this, I was using restream. Since I've been using this product, I'm only streaming to Facebook and Twitch. I need someone to help me. I'm getting really frustrated.
@@photojoseph ok sir :(
I really have no idea, sorry. I think a big holiday in China just wrapped up so maybe they were behind. I’d reach out directly to YoloLiv again.
do you know how to setup a tmobile sim car on yolobox
Hey guys. Good information.
I wanna ask you. If is possible to use yolobox as a remote camera connecting with streamyard as a guest?
In one of your other videos with the ATEM Extreme you used the Zoom noise cancellation feature as a mix-minus to bring in a Zoom caller. Is this something you can do using the Yolobox Pro as well? How would that work in the routing? Im not sure if you can select the Yolobox Pro in the Zoom Speaker settings like you can with ATEM Extreme.
"Thanks, Aaron, even if you are out of sync." Should be on a t-shirt 😉
Thanks Jospeh and Eric, we'll try to do this once we got a mini. Buit have you tried to get a Macintosh HDMI out via external converter to USB-C to input on Yolobox Pro? I got two Delock 63251, but both fails to work with anything I got, Mac, PC or Yolobox. Any suggestions or videos regarding this? Thanks!
Apologies for the delay; we figured it out though!
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