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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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The Best Cameras for Live Streaming // Stream Day 2022

Photo Moment - May 26, 2022

This livestream is part of the Stream Day 22! Join me and a bunch of other live streaming YouTubers to learn all about the art of the LIVE stream!

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So yes,my story is that i've bought a G100 ,i am very happy with it ,but one of the main reasons that i liked it was because i saw that was compatible with Lumix Webcam Software ,and i would be able to use it as a webcam,of course for Livestreaming..Then i found out the issue,the power issue,i contacted Lumix support and they claimed that the camera receives some kind of light charge will connected as a Webcam,now seeing this video i know that it was a lie,so i guess that the only way to use it without being limited because of the battery is indeed with a third party dummie battery,but how is this possible?I mean how is possible that Lumix didnt think in this important detail,one,by not making the camera compatible with Usb power,and second they dont even sell a dummie battery by themselves?I love the camera ,great value (btw not 500 but 700 €) but i am really dissapointed with Lumix for being aware of the problem and yet release it and announce it as a livestream option.........Sad,very sad
Yes,me too,i mean it does charge via USB but not when it's on , the thing is, if they implemented the option to other cameras,why doing the things halfway one this models ? One of the things that i would never understand,at least the camera is great,i am very happy with the quality,sharpness,overall all the features that offers you,might be one of the best out there in that price range ,and even +200-300 €,they did bad on mainly advertising it as a vlogging option,and it got a lot of bad reviews from all this vloggers that just focus on stabilisation and AF,and they forgot to point out what a great camera is on the other aspects . Yes maybe not the best vlogging option,but i am pretty sure that as an entry level camera is one of the best out there ,i spent a lot of time making sure that i'll get the best value for my money and i feel like i did ,i am so happy with it, that i don't even care about the webcam/power issue at this point.
The dummy battery is a very reliable option. I wish it charged over USB as well, but at least there’s a good solution.
@@photojoseph i didnt like that solution that much ,but i guess that is the only one instead of limiting my streams to the duration of battery,i already have some option for the dummy battery,thanks anyways.
Third party dummy battery solutions are much more affordable.
I have a GH5 and I want to live stream on Zoom through my GH5 and iPad Mini 6. I want to use a lav mic for sound. Then I want to save the video to use on YouTube.

Do you have a video on something like that?
Do you know if you can use an iPad Mini 6 to film on Zoom with the GH5?
@@photojoseph I think I figured out that I cannot use my iPad mini for live-streaming.

But I am trying to learn how to run the live Zoom meeting through my GH5 and then save a file with the video and audio to use in other hosting platforms.

I think I need an HDMI cable that will convert to USB and CamLink. I would use a MacBook air.

But I have spent hours trying to learn more about this and everything is so vague or contradicting.

Like do I need OSB in addition to the CamLink. I believe the Lumix tether does not work well with MacBooks

Do you have any videos that would help me figure this out??

The files that are created with Zoom using just my iPad mini 4 to film are not good quality at all.

Also I want a file that included audio not just video to save and reuse.
I don’t follow. You mean for zoom calls, not Zoom “streaming”, right? And what do you want to do with the iPad; see its screen in a call? Use its camera as a second camera?
Have you considered making a video with multiple BGH1 or BS1H cameras being solely run through PoE (Power over ethernet)? I can’t seem to find examples of how people are using a monitor/switcher software to operate multiple PoE cameras like Panasonic’s.
I am wondering how to build a mobile kit for 3 cam live streaming one man show, like at high school or local business, what would you choose? I am thinking of a NDI capture iPhone, a Birddog play into atem mini pro or Yolobox pro, main cam BGH1 or GH5II with 50mm equivalent fov, side cam maybe a small G100 with 100mm-200mm equivalent fov. Audio wireless DJI via 3.5mm input on switcher. Two 60d and light stands, maybe a super clamp to use side cam on one of them. Also rest the iPhone on a quick release clamp to face down to double as a top down angle. Power solution? Internet can be sourced most of time from client but not always Ethernet. So a portable GL.inet router with LTE failover and Ethernet port out to a unmanaged compact 5ports 1Gbe switch.
Does Blackmagic ok for streaming? Have some pros when using with atem mini
Blackmagic ATEMs are awesome. Almost all of use use them. I have a TON of videos on the ATEMs here!
What was the small Lumix camera? Did I miss its name? Nice video, thank you!
That was the G100 — thanks for watching!
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