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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

What goes into a huge live stream? (Making-of ResolveCon 2022)

Photo Moment - October 06, 2022

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Join me and Aaron Parecki as we outline the entire flow of the ResolveCon 2022 Live Stream; a four-camera + demo + zoom caller two-day in-person and live streamed event! This show had it all — our first day was ROUGH, and the second day was SILKY SMOOTH. Come here what went into the planning, execution, crisis management and recovery of this awesome two-day event!

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Great details!
May I ask what was that diagram editor you used in the pre-prep section?
Thank you for this - after watching you both for livestreaming and setup lessons - hearing you having the same problems as we do setting up for livestreamed football makes me feel that I am learning. Finally thought I had a smooth setup last Staurday and just as we pressed GO LIVE on Youtube we had a suburb wide power cut!! Sometimes things just go wrong.
Oh man!! I feel that. Well at least no one can blame YOU for that 😂
I wonder if I can use this as a PD for my school. I learned a lot as you went from set up, running the video for the event, how different equipment was used. Your break down of the drop in bandwidth trouble shooting. I don’t know when I would have hit upon participants downloading the agendas and presentations, but I do that for every workshop or meeting. At this point in life, I don’t see myself getting into this business, but you really broke down pricing, and the different mind sets for pricing. Thanks !!!
It’s all yours!
Joesph & Aaron thanks for this. As the person who is responsible for the live streaming in my facility I can attest to issues raised about the internet.

1st I'm always reminding my clients to test EVERYTHING BEFORE their event starts.

2nd , this Hotel had a shared bandwidth between the wired and wireless. In our facility we actually have a firewall unit that separates out a portion for our bandwidth exclusively for live streaming use over ethernet.
Otherwise this is great vid.
Separating wired and wireless would have been helpful for sure!!
Congratulations on hitting 80K subscribers, that is massive! I wish I could've seen this live, but I just needed that extra few hours sleep that morning (for me)! Keep up the good work, I learned so much from both this and the BTS Stream
Thank you!! I’m glad these are helpful
You said that you found a good fiber HDMI cable. There are many out there, but could you reveal which one(s?) you like? I don't want to just pick one at random and be disappointed (again). Available on Amazon?
yeah, here's the video I did on them and here's the cables I bought:
Fiber HDMI (non ARC; tested)
Fiber HDMI (ARC; tested)
Could you please provide a link for the LUFs monitor? Thanks so much for the great video, learned tons.
@@photojoseph thanks so much!
Long before semi-pro video equipment became widely available, we had an axiom in the audio realm:
"A $30 cable is better than a $3000 wireless system."
Next time you guys need an audio guy who knows location video production, give me a call.
Was there not a pre-production meeting with the producers where things like audience WiFi could have been discussed?
Yep! Fortunately the wireless HDMI was flawless.
Honestly watched this whole thing through and I got a lot out of this. Thanks so much for sharing with us!
Love it! Thanks man!
Braw coming to gh6 when?? I am going to have to buy final cut if it doesn't
No announcement on that so I don’t know 😢
I figured out recently that the reason the streaming can't be turned off and the unit appears to be frozen when the cache is full, is that it recognises the pressing of the stop button, but it is destined to want to empty the cache before it stops the streaming, so it waits for the connection to get back up again, so it can send off all of the cache - THEN it stops streaming!

So the only way to make it stop streaming is to solve the connection problem and make it unnecessary to stop streaming... 🙄

At least that's the case with the ATEM Mini's as far as I know - but I suppose the same goes for the Web Presenter (I haven't had the pleasure of having that problem with the Web Presenter yet...).
@@photojoseph Yeah, pretty much. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" – The Supreme Solution.
Interesting, and I'm sure you're right. So the solution is… yank the power!!
Hairaising is an understatement. You nailed it in the end though.
Thank you, and yes!!
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