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YoloBox Updates! Everything New in 2022 (so far)

Photo Moment - May 23, 2022

The YoloLiv Tech YoloBox Pro has gotten a few updates since I last looked at it (1.3.1, 1.5.1, 1.6.0 and 1.7.0)… so let's check 'em out!

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A Brief Version History of YoloBox & Pro’s Software Updates…

YoloBox Pro v1.7.0 (Released on 2022/5/12)

  • Auto-Switching is optimized by adding the looping feature and redefining the switching order with the main source specified;
  • Up to 60fps live streaming for single HDMI input;
  • 2 new graphic overlays (titles and social overlays) with multiple built-in templates;
  • You can now have background music for countdown timer overlays;
  • Standard bug fixes and performance improvement.

YoloBox Pro v1.6.0 (Released on 2022/4/25)

  • Web URL overlay: Add a webpage of a live graphics platform and use it as an overlay for professional event;
  • Auto-Switching: Preset video sources and switch order, YoloBox Pro can automatically switch for you. Best for the one-man crew!
  • USB Webcam out now supports outputting both video and audio to a laptop;
  • Support scheduling a live stream event within one year;
  • Adds timing for SD card videos;
  • 2 new multiview templates (News Layout, Triple);
  • You can now save all graphic overlays while creating a new live stream;
  • You can now adjust transparency for countdown timer overlay and multi-views backgrounds;
  • UI redesigned for the “Account” screen. You can opt to update to the latest version manually by tapping on the “Upgrade” button;
  • Fixed green bar issue with a laptop as video input, which occurred on a small portion of computer models (Please go to “Account”, “System Upgrade” to update and fix).

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It looks like the Webcam “USB C out” feature will only work on Monterey. Won’t function on a Mac that’s on Big Sur or lower.
Thanks Quetzal — he's referring to the release notes at that read "if you’re using the Apple system, please note to upgrade your the computer system to 12.0.0".
Hi Joseph, how can I streaming live in you tube with my yolo box pro?, in my yolo the button for multi streaming is on and in FB everything works but not in you tube do I need some permission from you tube to streaming live?
There are requirements to stream to YouTube, yes. First try streaming only to YouTube.
would like to see if they fixed the sd card from computer to the YoloBox Pro as is on YoloBox Pro Updates
YoloBox Pro v5.1.0 (Released on 2023/8/22)
So very cool. I am looking at being able to do events without having to carry a computer everywhere I want to broadcast from.
do all the cameras/device have to be wired directly to the yolobox pro?
Yes. It does not have any wireless video functionality built in.
I appreciate all the details you shared on this video. Let me ask you....I am considering either the atem mini extreme or the yolobox pro. I need to record the program feed and then publish to youtube. Recording the full program (camera changes, ipad sharing, etc) in publishing quality, in this case I know that both are limited to 1080p.

I know with the extreme I can record directly to an SSD and that it has 8 inputs vs the yolobox which can record to cards and only 3 hdmi inputs.

Quality of recording for youtube is more important than streaming. I don't do much streaming. I just want the switcher as a way to record so I don't have to be getting the card in/out of the camera and also to be able to have all tittles, and PIPs during recording as to save time during editing.

Quality wise, and for my purposes, which one would you buy?

As a reference, I own one atem mini extreme already. I just need another, maybe simpler, device for my regular desk.

Thank you!

By the way, the new crop feature on the yolobox, does that affect image quality? I suspect it does since the cropping more than likely is digital but just wanted to confirm with you.

Thanks again!
@@photojoseph Thank you! I appreciate it.
that's easy, the ATEM Mini. It records at a higher quality than the YoloBox
HI Photo Joseph, I purchased a YOLOBOX Pro last week based on your vid's and powerful recommendations. I am having a SD issue, YB recognizes Vids and PDF's and not images. They narrow it by only accepting PNG formats, which I have done, and ensured the SD card FAT32 and less than 128 GB storage. The device will not recignize the card with images. Any ideas? It has a been very dificult to secure meaningful support form YOLOBOX and cnstantly direct to the FB Community and dated content on YOLOLIV with Ms. Rita Liu. The Company simply sends back content that is public rather than answering my simple question. Thanks
That’s disappointing; I’m going to share this comment with my contact there. As to the PNG, what comes to mind is size. Is the PNG at 1920x1080 or less? That could make a difference if it’s too big. If that’s not it, try exporting the PNG from another app. All files are not created equal and maybe there’s something in that PNG output that is messing with the Yolo.
Great Video, I am interested in getting one, what I'm trying to confirm that if I create a scheduled stream in on YouTube I can stream to it. I'd want to be able to share stream links before hand.
@@photojoseph Thank you!
Yes. I don’t recall now if you have to make them in the YouTube studio (most likely) or in the Yolobox. Maybe make it in Yolo then update it in studio? But yes, you can definitely schedule.
Hi. In triple view, is there any way to make one video larger and the other 2 smaller?
Hi. Sorry if this is a dumb question. From what I understand you have your YoloBox mounted to the orange console infront of you. But you keep tapping something near the laptop on your left side whenever you want to change the camera. So what’s that thing you are using to change your camera?
Hey. You seem to be the best at this product. The yellow box. I purchased it because of your video. And I'm just setting it up, but my first question is. What services does the SIM card work with? Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, or any of the above? As I do plan on using it mobily, which service would you? Recommend I do have an account with Verizon currently.
@@photojoseph, thank you for this information. Based on your statement, I could accomplish the task and now have Verizon Wireless on the device. No one has addressed this in all the videos that I've looked at. You may want to.
It doesn’t matter what service you have. It’s just a generic LTE modem. Which service will depend on your location, but since you already have Verizon, I’d stay with that unless it doesn’t have the coverage!
Vdo sorce from mobail phone is available
I want to know. Is it possible to apply luts under different camera streams.

I'm running a podcast where I have three cameras. As of now I am editing the videos and applying luts in postproduction.

Is it possible to use the ATEM.. And then applying luts realtime??

(I'm using so many cameras with picture profiles)
None of the streaming hardware will apply a LUT. If you’re using different cameras for streaming and they all have different looks and are capable of
shooting Log, build custom LUTs for each and install each unique LUT in-camera. If your cameras can’t do Log, then your best bet is to use each camera’s color fine tuning to make them match. Use a color chart and a monitor with a waveform and vectorscope. Make sure white, black and grey match, then the colors. This video discusses a lot of this;
Newbie to your channel and video switchers but I am loving the content!
Thank you!
Hey Joseph! Can the YoloBox show multiple comments from a Facebook Live strream on a seperate private video monitor? Thanks!
The best you can do is mirror the Yolo display to a separate monitor using the hdmi output
Hai I'm from Jakarta, new to Joseph channel, and absolutely love it,.... related to the topic, how can I create vertical live stream using yolobox🤔
You can’t, but there’s something coming… 🤫
Can i import 2-3 GIF files and use them as video imputs. Like if someone is talking and instead of a camera thats pointing at him its a gif with their name and some graphics.
@@photojoseph Thank you.
A photo, not a GIF, to fill the screen, but yes. Watch earlier videos exploring the full feature set.
Parabéns, como é feito a transmissão na vertical para o instagram com o yelobox
Is there a way to change the settings for recording to memory card? It appears ever 10 min or certain memory used it clips into short segments instead of doing an hour long program.
oh that's interesting, I didn't realize that. OK, thanks. Easy enough to join of course, but yeah I'd rather have a single file. Thanks for the update!
@@photojoseph thanks for the input. Just talked with Yolo. They have chosen to limit any clip to ten minutes or 3gb using the mind set if there was an issue you would not lose it all. To bad you have to join all clips together as well as not being able to use larger memory.
sounds like a memory card limitation. Some older cards have file size limits. Maybe try a newer SD card? If that's not it, then do ask Yolo. They have great support.
I think the 60 fps is primarily for gamers who livestream their gameplay
Makes sense
I just may have to get the Pro as my first streaming tech so I don’t have to lug my laptop everywhere. 🤓😎 You have given me so much great info in just this video!
it's a great device! Glad you enjoyed this, and thank you for watching.
Thanks for the introduction to Yolo, have you tried streaming with a sim card?
Yes, it works great as long as you have a good cell signal!
Can you show how Chrome Cast works one day.
thank you for everything ! what about compatibility with a STREAMDECK ?
Doesn’t exist but we’re hoping
Internet bonding will be a blessing 🙌
Hi, How is the final mix output video quality recorded on built-in SD card?
I would like to use the Yolobox Pro as a switcher and not send out to social media. Can I record the program onto a Blackmagic Hyper Deck Studio HD Plus?
Or to any other recording source?
What is the white base you are using to house the PK1 Stand for the YoloBox?
it's homemade. Just a painted board with a hole in it to screw a bullhead into.
The advantage of using the Yolobox Pro with the Atem Mini Extreme ISO is also that you can record a way higher bitrate on the ISO, while streaming on a lower bitrate on the Yolobox. The two complement each other so well. The Atem has a way more powerfull audio, but the Yolobox ads a way more powerfull mediaplaer for graphics, video and audio. Both together are a dream team for live streaming 😁
Hi Legend, I'm a big fan of the Yolobox videos you share on your channel. My apologies for the "Your'' if you are offended. It wasn't intentional. As a viewer of your channel it simply means I believe you could have come across this and had answer to help sort out the issue. No worries I will try contact them myself. bye
Not offended, just making sure it’s clear. I get a lot of questions where people assume I’m the company! I don’t know the solution so their tech support is your best option.
Hi Photo Joseph Team, How can I delete a RTMP channel after I've clicked send on the link your server sends. The reason being when streaming to pixellot server, each event you create generates a RTMP link but the stream key remains the same. If I'm streaming multiple rugby matches to Pixellot server I need to be able to delete the older RTMP channels otherwise I will have too many on list which could cause confusion that leads to mistakes. We don't have persistent RTMP URL but the stream key is persistent meaning it stays the same.
you're saying "Your" but you're talking to PhotoJoseph here, not YoloLiv. Please reach out to YoloLiv support for this, thanks.
Are any of these updates coming to the Regular Yolobox? Or should I buy a pro box?
@@photojoseph Correct! Most features will come to regular YoloBox(if processing power permits), just some time gap!
I'm going to ask YoloLiv to respond to this, but I'm quite sure that most if not all of these functions require the more powerful processor that's in the Pro. But, let's see what they say.
I hear distortion?
also sorry didn't mean to be dismissive earlier… yes there is compression on the XR16, and we spent another two hours on Saturday tweaking things. I think we've finally got it dialed in, but we'll see!
@@MartinCraneRockbeast there are too many steps to outline here. Hence the struggle to find the point of failure.
@@photojoseph `Are you using a mixer with compression?
Yeah, we’ve been struggling with audio. I just spent an hour with someone adjusting it again. We think we’ve got it nailed now! Will find out next live show ☺️
I didn't get the sevice you're suing to display the Chat. Can you come again please?
Search the google chrome store for “live chat overlay” by Aaron Parecki. This link might work
My Yolo Box Pro battery ran all the way down and now I cannot get it to charge. Any suggestions are appreciated.
I actually had troubles with a sufficiently powered USB-C brick. Once is grabbed a USB-A charger and an A-C cable, that worked fine.
Which charger are you using? You need high enough Volts/Amps on your Type-C charger+cable, their website says something like the 18W is needed:
QC 3.0 Port - 5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A
Appreciate all the good info.. help me alot as I'm new to Yolo... Keep up the Great Work! God Bless.. Joe
Thanks for all the info. I take back most of the bad stuff I said about you. I double down on all the good things I’ve said.
@@photojoseph always, whenever I comment I have something snarky to say. It’s a
Huh. Thanks? I’m gonna assume the bad stuff was a joke…
So many things. Thanks for the survey/audit of the updates.
My pleasure! Surprised me how much had been added!
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