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Ultimate Live Caller Setup — with 3x ATEM Streaming Bridges!

Photo Moment - January 27, 2021

NOTE: Live show replays are USUALLY available to Members Only, however this special episode is brought to you by the DVE Store! To enjoy other live show playback, you can be either a YouTube member or a member.

This was a special LIVE episode, sponsored by the DVE Store and free for all to enjoy!

Want to see how to get the best guest call-in quality? For this show we're demoing LIVE a three-caller setup using three ATEM Streaming Bridges. Check it out, see how good it looks, and learn how it's done!

With special guests Aaron Parecki , Tommy Callaway and Frederick Van Johnson of This Week in PHOTO! Special thanks to the DVE Store for suppling the extra Bridges for this show!


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Comments from YouTube

Hii.. Which app and device you used at 30:48 to display guest name and dve store logo..
At some point in this show I went through the entire setup, but if I remember, right, I had both of those playing through mimoLive with a dual SDI key/fill feed.
What piece of gear is used to break out the 3 individual streaming bridges from your router/modem? At 9:05 you show the ethernet cables into the bridges, but never mention how this part was set up. Thanks.
Hm, I think you’re confusing how this works. Each Bridge is connected to my Ethernet switch. That’s the “input”. Then each Bridge is connected to the ATEM; that’s the “output”. The switch is nothing special; I mean, mine is ☺️ but any cheap Ethernet switch will work.
Do you mind sharing the Ethernet switch that you have?
Thanks for sharing. Thats exactly what I needed. But sometimes the customer is not a tech person and to far away to build it up on site. Sadly mimolives guest caller is not useable in a professional environment. Do you have any experience with or something similar?
Yeah I agree about mimoLive. I do think if your guest can be wired, you'll get much better results. Rivet looks VERY interesting. I have been talking to them; since they are SRT based there's a good chance the quality will be better. You can buy hardware SRT receivers for not too much, and I'm exploring this option for some of my client work.
Very helpful. Great video. Thanks for sharing.
Great job, gentlemen!
Thank you kindly!
you should do another but talking about wire cast
Wirecast doesn’t stream to the Bridge. That would be a 100% different show that my statement isn’t built around.
Love it!
Thanks!! Appreciate the support very much!
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