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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

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LUMIX BGH1 Explored! (LIVE Replay)

Photo Moment - March 31, 2021

I've been using the LUMIX BGH1 as my primary web-cam/demo-cam for a while now, and I want to show you what this camera can do, and why it's so impressive!

This is a replay of the LIVE show! I go live every Tuesday 10am Pacific or Wednesday 9pm Pacific (or some other random time if those don't work out) for a show of random chattering and meandering tech. It's a great place to get any lingering questions you have, answered!

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Hey Joseph!

We want to stream multiple BGH1’s via an SDI switcher in 1080p, but still want to record internally at 4k on all cameras. We’d also use Lumix Tether for Multicam for PoE+ and control of settings.

Unfortunately, I read that you can only record internally while outputting at the same time with HDMI.

Is it possible to “output” hdmi while turning the setting on, but not actually connecting anything?

If not, can we just connect to a normal 1080p camera monitor and still record in 4k?

To my understanding, you just need to output hdmi somewhere just to record internally.
Would love to know where you heard that misinformation… you can absolutely record internally with no external devices connected. No HDMI, no SDI, that's fine, and you can still record to the SD card.
Have you found a brand of PoE+ switch that works with the BGH1? I have tried two different brands (Netgear and Cudy). Both powered the camera, but will not allow the Lumix Tether for Multcam app to launch. In order to get the software to launch I have to switch to battery power.
Good luck!
@@PhotoJosephLIVE Thanks so much! Really appreciate your help.
OK, the PoE+ switch I have is the Netgear GS108PP and it does work on Big Sur, BUT again it's definitely finicky. If you switch to USB it seems to be more reliable, but you can't run PoE+ and USB at the same time.
@@PhotoJosephLIVE Yes I on Big Sur 11.2.3
Hey Darryl, I have one that's working great right now. I will check the model number for you in the morning. Are you by chance on Big Sur though? The software is a bit finicky on Big Sur. Although I am too and it is working over PoE+.
Is there away to trigger the Atomos Ninja V from the BGH1?
Thank you.
Yes! You need to enable timecode on the camera and HDMI start/stop control. If you can't find it, pop into a live show and ask and I can shot it then.
For the BGH1:
Is it possible to use third party batteries without issues, since the price for the originals are pretty high?
Wow your streaming just reached an insane level. You have to make a tutorial on time for your streaming setup and software used. 😊 👌
I keep threatening to do that. Problem is I change something almost every stream! 😂😂
Thank for this video... I've been searching and not finding any hands conversation about this camera! I started looking at the z cam and that just opened a whole new can. I have in order, Hmc 150, Af100, gh5 and I'm looking at this little beauty. I've been using the a6600 for my web based anything and that works with extras of course. This looks like what I've been searching for. Have you used it in any "filmmaking or documentary situations?"
No, for now it’s just on my desk where I do many of my live and edited YouTube videos. I seriously would buy seven more if money were no object. I want them everywhere!!!
Hey you know the Vlog-L license comes with the camera or is that sold separately?
Sorry for the Lumix Newbie questions! 🙈
On this camera, it's just built in. No additional license required. Same as GH5, GH5S, S1H, and others. It's an additional license only on some cameras, like the G9 and the S1.
no 12G SDI no NDI :( no talkback
@@PhotoJosephLIVE but studio camera assumes that you using specific focusing system for TV, strange. Even 4k version is bad, how about ursa though? It has TalkBack module and even optical module
I think Gerald Undone has released his B-RAW video though.
The studio camera doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the BGH1, and anything other than 0db gain is abysmal. You have to light the hell out of your set to make the Studio Cameras any good, and even then they aren’t great. Better at HD than 4K though. There is no autofocus, and even the focus command misses the mark half the time even when pointed at a focus target. That said, if those aren’t issues, then it’s a convenient camera. As to RAW; I’ve done videos on ProRes raw before; nothing unique to the S1 so just watch those (they are with S1H and S5; check my video in the Panasonic LUMIX channel, too). I won’t do one on B-RAW only because I don’t edit in Resolve.
@@PhotoJosephLIVE so used BM SC is better i think. In a side note will you cover S1 Prores Raw firmware? And S1H BRAW?
No. Talkback is really a different kind of camera. Definitely wish it had 12G SDI. NDI would be a great addition too.
Thanks man! We’re you able to successfully test recording 10-bit internally WHILE outputting to both HDMI and SDI simultaneously? The guys on Newsshooter said you can only use HDMI while recording internally.
Does this mean you can record 4k internally with this setup? Or would you be limited to 1080p?
My pleasure. It’s an incredible little camera.
@@PhotoJosephLIVE amazing thank you!!
Hey, sorry it took so long to reply — I kept meaning to test this for you and finally did. Yes, it worked! I set the camera to V-Log L, 4K 30p 422 10-bit all-Intra, HDMI out at 4K, SDI out is of course just 1080p, and I had LUT enabled on the SDI out and LUT disabled on the HDMI out. Hit record, and could still see video on both the HDMI and SDI feeds!
Oh man...your Stream made me want to have a BGH1! Control and Power over Ethernet are two killer features for a permanent studio & webcam setup!
Fixed aperture lenses are easier to deal with because as you zoom there’s no risk of exposure changing. And 60mm is way longer than you’d likely ever want for a webcam type setup. My 12-35 is set around 25 and the camera is just over arm’s reach away.
@@PhotoJosephLIVE What lens would you recommend?
I am currently looking at the 12-35 f2.8 or the 12-60 f2.8-4 Leica for a fixed Homeoffice/Studio setup! Leaning more thowards the 12-35.
Yeah that’d be amazing.
@@PhotoJosephLIVE Agree...would be nice if Panasonic would add a feature where you could access the SD card via SMB Fileshare or at least FTP.
For me the SDI 12G is not that important - at least for now - but I guess in your case it would make perfect sense if you need both HDMI & SDI outputs to deliver 4K.
I personally would love to see BM opening up and support camera control from the ATEMs for other camera brands as there are sooooo many buttons on my extreme which cannot be used.
NO kidding, right!? I seriously want these in every permanent Installation in the studio. I have two complaints — one that will hopefully be addressed with firmware, the other will have to wait for the next hardware revision. I wish the SDI feed was 12G (4K60) as well, not just 6G (1080p30), and I wish you could download the files captured to the SD card over ethernet. You can guess which is possibly addressable in firmware ;-) Other than that, these things are pretty much perfect.
Joseph, you might not be aware, as it didnt appear you were? The BMD bi_directional converter allows the minis HDMI to control the SDI studio cameras and vis-versa, the PCC via a larger SDI switcher. As a lumix guy i guess you wouldnt be aware, but hope it goes to answer one of your viewers questions or future questions.
Mine arrived. I won't use it in today's live stream; don't have time to set it up. But I'll get to it asap
@@PhotoJosephLIVE Curious to see if this is reslly working?!? Next stream? 😜
That’s the idea. Blackmagic confirmed that’s what this was designed to do. I have one on order and will do a video on it as soon as I can test it!
Would this mean I could control the BM Micro 4k with the ATEM Mini Extreme? 😳
Nooo really?! Holy crap that’s amazing. I’m going to get one and try this out. Thanks!!!
Even though you are a ambassador, you explain each and every product in the most poosible way to your viewers. Which the other manufacturers and their artisans- masterios fail to reach the end user. I appreciate your time and knowledge. Thankyou keep doing much more videos.#BestproductsNeedbetterMentors
Thank you, that's really nice of you to say. I appreciate that!!
Missed the live! Does it support UVC to be used as a webcam on the computer or is it just to use their control software? It'd be so cool if this could be used as a webcam directly!
I don't know if it's UVC (not sure what that is?) but it does support webcam mode via the LUMIX Webcam software. You basically install that and I just runs in the background, adding a LUMIX feed to your webcam dropdown lists.
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