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This ATEM (mini) Tips” series of short video tutorials for your Blackmagic ATEM hardware includes tips for all users, from beginner to advanced. Scroll down to see more in the series!

This is a collection of all PhotoJoseph LIVE shows, from the PhotoJoseph YouTube channel. Additional episodes are listed below!

Getting Started with HDR for YouTube! (LIVE Replay)

Photo Moment - June 10, 2021

Learn the basics HDR for YouTube delivery! We'll start with shooting for HDR editing (featuring Panasonic LUMIX cameras), editing HDR content (featuring Final Cut Pro), encoding for HDR delivery (featuring Compressor), creating a custom HDR to SDR LUT for YouTube (featuring DaVinci Resolve), and finally, combining the video file and the SDR conversion LUT for YouTube delivery (featuring YouTube's command line tool)!

    This is a replay of the LIVE show! I go live every Tuesday 10am Pacific or Wednesday 9pm Pacific (or some other random time if those don't work out) for a show of random chattering and meandering tech. It's a great place to get any lingering questions you have, answered!

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    thanks for recording these
    Really enjoyed your video Joseph!
    I have a question tho, how does one apply a LUT on an HDR file on FCP X? The LUTs on FCPX are not configured for HDR files. Would love your feedback on this as I plan to export it as an HDR file. Thank you once again.
    I have found very few HDR LUTs out there. I wouldn’t use LUTs.
    Thanks for this! I have one big hold up... My rendered file does not look the same as it does in Final Cut. The luminance/contrast values are different. This is the case when I view the file in Quicktime, or after uploading to YouTube. Yes, I am getting a HDR upload to Youtube. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?? The blacks look washed out, midtones a little dingy, and highlights are not bright enough. 8K HDR output from Canon R5. Editing on 2021 MacBook Pro 16", reconfirming results with an HDR 4K TV...
    If it doesn't look right in Quicktime then it definitely won't look right in YouTube. It's a pretty open ended question, but I assume you're in a wide gamut project and grading with an HDR reference monitor or on an XDR display? This is a few weeks old (sorry) but if you still need help you may want to contact me directly. This is pretty hard to troubleshoot without seeing it in person.
    @PhotoJoseph LIVE I finally figured it out. It took a lot of work! Editing on a new MacBook Pro. I needed to change to display profile of the computer to "HDR Video(P3-ST 2084)". I still feel a little uncertain about it, I want to test it on a couple more displays to feel good about the content I am creating. Thanks for getting back to me, everyone else was stumped and I didn't get many replies.
    That’s interesting. I don’t have a new MBP but on the XDR display it’d automatically switch to its HDR profile when editing HDR in FCP if you didn’t already have it there.
    @PhotoJoseph LIVE What's the name of the profile?
    Can you do a video on shooting HDR with a GH5 and editing and mastering in LumaFusion?
    LumaFusion has support for HDR editing but it's really relegated to HLG, so it's very limited. I did a few videos on the Luma Touch channel already — check these out:
    🙏 you've explained it simply, straightforward and given options for those of us without a fistful of $$$. hopefully Lee H who I don't know personally but works within walking distance of where I live will add his 2c worth. I'm aware through his online presence elsewhere that HDR is part of his schtick.
    Nice! Yeah Lee is awesome. We've been trying to set up a live show together but have had connection issues. We're trying to resolve it though so we can do a proper live show!
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