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The Sculpture Series NFT Auction Has Begun!

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September 17, 2021 - 8:18pm

It's a brave new world… and it's time to explore it!

2021-09-23 | Updates below… see highlighted text for changes since originally published 

I have minted The Sculpture Series as NFT on the Tezos blockchain. If you missed those stories, here's the background, and here's a video on how it's done. I originally intended to auction all ten editions simultaneously, but it turns out that the system to do that isn't actually in place yet (even though the UI is there… uh, frustrating!!). So here's how I've decided to handle this.

  1. Image one in the series was minted with 100 editions, and I'm giving every single one of them away. Most are claimed, but I do have a few more… if you want one, you can ask in the comments below! I just need your tez wallet ID.
  2. Images two through seven in the series have ten editions each. I am auctioning all ten of those.
  3. I'm listing each edition for a 24 hour auction, back to back starting each one a few hours after the last one ended, to be sure to cross every time zone. As soon as one auction ends, I'll start another. The price of the first edition started at 1 ꜩ minimum price. 
  4. The price of the subsequent edition will start at 25% below the selling price of the previous auction. 
  5. I will continue this until all editions are auctioned, then move to the next image, and start over! I'm auctioning one image at a time from each series, moving from image two to three to four through seven, then looping back (I auctioned a few of image two before changing strategy so at the end there won't be any more of those to go up). I changed strategy because interested waned for the same image being repeatedly auctioned! 
  6. Image 8 has only ONE edition to be auctioned, and will be last. This will be on a longer auction; minimum price tbd.

* all rules, guidelines, plans and procedures subject to change if something isn't working out. Because this is all new to me, and to most of us!

Want to bid? Great! Sadly there's no easy way to find the active bid, so I'm going to update this URL every new auction to point to it…

Check the current auction here

Thanks for exploring with me!

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