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LumaFusion FREE Training

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January 23, 2020 - 12:30am

I've been working on a long-form training series for LumaFusion, the video editor for iOS. The first batch is ready, and I wanted to share them with you!


LumaFusion: Green Screen Keying

Live Training Session 1707

It's green! It's blue! It's gone! Learn how LumaFusion handles green or any color keying in iOS video production (spoiler alert: it's good… but not perfect)

Duration: 00:20 hr
Included with membership

LumaFusion: Filters & Effects

Live Training Session 1706

Vignettes, blurs, abstracts, color tints, hatch patterns, zooms, sharpening, and twists… all that and a whole lot more lives under Effects in LumaFusion! 

Duration: 00:46 hr
Included with membership

LumaFusion: Color Grading

Live Training Session 1705

Explore the Color grading (correction) controls, and learn how to install and use a LUT in LumaFusion in this training video!

Duration: 00:37 hr
Included with membership

LumaFusion: Reframe & Retime

Live Training Session 1704

Learn how to scale, position, crop, and rotate (all with keyframes!), plus speed up or slow down your video in LumaFusion for iOS.

Duration: 00:31 hr
Included with membership

LumaFusion: Audio

Live Training Session 1703

Video is only half of your video… the other half is audio! Learn how to use the tools available in LumaFusion in this chapter of the training series.

Duration: 00:43 hr
Included with membership

LumaFusion: Timeline & Editing

Live Training Session 1702

There are many ways to add and edit clips on your timeline in LumaFusion, and in this video we explore them all — trim, slip, clone, link, and more!

Duration: 00:47 hr
Included with membership

LumaFusion: Tour & Setup

Live Training Session 1701

This tour takes us through just about every menu and option in the app, including showing how to set up a project. Framerate, aspect ratio, and wait… where's resolution?!

Duration: 00:49 hr
Included with membership


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