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Travel Vlogging Video Editing Workflow (Getting and keeping content on your iPad)

Photo Moment - January 11, 2019

Let's talk about a real-world vlogging video editing workflow — getting your content ONTO your iPad, and more importantly KEEPING it there, using iOS and LumaFusion!

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Today's Q&A and Unedited Live Show

See what you missed in the full, unedited LIVE show (this starts with the Q&A; back up if you want to see the whole live show)


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Let's talk about a real-world vlogging video editing workflow — getting your content ONTO your iPad, and more importantly KEEPING it there, using iOS and LumaFusion!

From the LIVE show, the Q&A starts here: — or you can watch the entire LIVE, unedited show, too:

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Thanks for a great video!
This has been a problem for me, the footage getting offloaded to iCloud. Especially problematic while riding a motorcycle round the world not being able to edit my videos due to very limited internet access in rural parts of Latin America.
glad I could help! Also Lumafusion 2 works around this problem by copying the content into its own directory. You can even bypass Apple Photos now and import directly into LF.
Wow. Solid info. Thank you so much.
thanks for watching!
Are there any major changes to the workflow when running new ipad pro with usbc ?
It’s not the iPad that makes the difference, but the new LumaFusion 2 and iPadOS. You can ingest directly into LF.
Super helpful! Thanks
Sony users have to go an alternate route to get the files imported.
You can't import via SD card. You actually have to plug the camera into the iPad via the Camera Connection Kit (USB to lightning). Something with the way the Sony XAVC files are. @PhotoJoseph
Oh bummer. What a pain! Is that all Sony dSLM cameras?
every single one. it so sucks! makes it less practical. The one reason I haven't switched to LumaFusion. that and it doesn't have the speed ramps and transitions I lhave for FCPX
Do you know why? Is it a format limitation?
It's because of how Sony imports the footage to the SD card. The iPad can't see it from the SD card but can through the camera. It's weird and sucks.@PhotoJoseph
Nice vid!
Good information, thank you. I have some video to record this weekend and will give this a try. Question, a little off topic, do you also carry an external storage device when traveling for a backup?
We actually got into that in the Q&A. I had my Gnarbox so backed up to that.
@PhotoJoseph Thank you.
Great video, thank you,
Love your ttutorials. Thank you for all the tips
I really like this new condensed show format. There's definitely advantages to joining the live show or watching the recording to get the in-depth back-and-forth, but if we just need the info in a focused download, this is fantastic.Thanks!
Awesome, thanks! I'm glad to hear it. Takes time… but hopefully worth it in the end.
Also Stuart, since you commented on the new format… how do you feel about the “house ad” that is inserted in the middle of this video?
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