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Tell me something!!! why all the fuzz over C1 #1
Henrik Lorenzen's picture
by Henrik Lorenzen
March 21, 2016 - 7:50pm


i have to admit when i heard Apple would not continue with aperture was i pissed of big time

so i job ship and tried Co8 now 9 (or Bug 9) 

And due to the fact thatCo9 has so many bugs and are slow on some issues i re downloaded Aperture from app store

I did a test an imported a Nef file in both apps beside Aperture is a bit darker den C9 i can’t see any difference.

So i am wondering if is because Apple got the same values as Phase one

i use A Nikon D3 

Since i am not fan of HDR and to much adjustments i try to shoot it right the first time  ( not always with luck) 




Tim Kennedy's picture
by Tim Kennedy
March 22, 2016 - 2:06am

I built my volume business around an Aperture workflow and and taught Aperture for 5 years. I mourned its passing. But I also found I couldn't rely on it in my business when I transitioned into El Capitan. I have found quirks and bugs across numerous machines while teaching it in a Yosemite lab. It's time is ending and it's not going to get any better. If I could be happy with an older OS, I might rely on it longer. I just love the new stuff Apple keeps coming up with. 

I own and have worked with several tools including DxO, Lr, and C1. Yes, C1 has some quirks and the interface does not have the elegance that I grew accustomed to in Aperture. But C1 has given me the best fit to what I really loved about Aperture. It has additional tools and constantly gains new capabilities I would have loved to have had in Aperture. I'm not needing to rely on specialized external software as much as I might have in the past. C1 is a pretty complete package for the photographer.

Your mileage may vary. But after kicking the tires on all the others, I believe C1 is the best match for the Aperture refugee. I pay for Lr each month but that and and a lot of time spent with it still can't convince me to like it. I can rebuild my business workflow around C1 and it is a pleasure to work with and teach. With the latest 9.1 version, I'm wondering if I will need a Ps subscription for my photo work beyond the next year. And I just love the way C1 makes my images look, whether for my personal stuff or for my customers. That's my fuss… ;)

Milo's picture
by Milo
March 22, 2016 - 5:50am

The images look amazing and better than all the other softwares results. LR is close but I want the best. Dxo hated my Olympus cameras. Photoshop is a time waster. On1 gives muddy results. 

Henrik Lorenzen's picture
by Henrik Lorenzen
March 22, 2016 - 9:27am

So in order words wit a new camera there is issues but old ones they had it nailed


thanks for the input 


Milo's picture
by Milo
March 22, 2016 - 3:49pm

Capture One Pro loves all my cameras. I’ve had issues with all the other software and my cameras old and new. But C1 Pro so far is best for me.

Walter Rowe's picture
by Walter Rowe
April 5, 2016 - 5:42pm

I find the quality of the results in C1 superior to Aperture and to LR, and I find the interface much more to my liking. I have an issue with slow startup for large catalogs that reside on external HDDs, and I am working with PhaseOne to see if that can be improved. We can't be expected to always store our catalogs in an internal SSD drive. I also like all of the tools available to me in C1. I never had to leave the app. My personal philosophy is to keep all my edits as close to the source as possible. I don't like having to generate RGB files that I have to store separately, even if they have smart layers like Photoshop offers for RAW files. I would prefer to have all my adjustments inside the primary catalog and be able to generate my desired output from there. C1 provides that. LR comes close, but the interface of LR is more clunky to me and I hate the slowness of the module switching interface. While C1 loads slowly, once loaded all of the tools work fast and switching between tool tabs is equally instant (like Aperture's fast switching between the Inspector panels).

Gerald Levy's picture
by Gerald Levy
April 18, 2016 - 2:42pm

Overall, C1 has the best interface, cataloging and color management systems. Sometimes, its ability to convert a RAW image that has a wide dynamic range/contrast gets tested and is not always successful. Adobe Camera Raw has an very good RAW converter and is, at the margin for difficult conversions with extreme dynamic range, better than C1. Therefore, C1 is the go to choice with ACR as my back up converter. Basically, I agree with Walter’s comments above: LR is clunky and restricting. I especially like C1’s layering ability and one special use in particular: I can select a part of my image, or a color - in a very narrow range - and treat it as a layer and apply several edits just to that selection. 

ACR shows best in haze removal: I had a bunch of photos from a light plane ride in Milford Sound, NZ. Photos had a color cast and haze, typical for that sort of ride. DxO Clear View was OK but Adobe Camera Raw’s dehaze was just the job - as long as you set the white balance first. I struggled with Curves in C1 to get the same result. Possible, but a much longer job.

Gerald Levy

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