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What is This in the New Apple Macbook Pro Ad “Colors”?

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October 26, 2012 - 4:24am

At around 11 seconds into the new MacBook Pro ad “Colors”, you see an image being dragged into what is clearly (now that I can see it in HD) a website. (In yesterday’s post I said it might be iBooks Author or Pages). Last I checked most websites don’t work that way!

Maybe it’s just artistic license, but of course it’s got a few of us curious just what is going on.

Here’s a screen grab from the 1080p YouTube video:

What is happening here? An image is being dragged into a web page… whaa?

Here’s the full video of the ad.

What do you think it is? The URL requires a login, so no clues there that I can find. Is it an unreleased version of Shared Photo Stream? It has elements of iPhoto for iPad’s Journal feature in it; maybe it’s a future featuer for Journal through Aperture (that’d be nice). Go on then… start the rumors!

Apple Aperture

Possibly a peak into the next step for iCloud with features similar to what were once offered with Mobile Me/iWeb …

I thought it was rapid weaver but clearly it’s safari in the foreground. So I’d agree with Butch, likely a drag and drop interface to uploading and organizing your images in iCloud. You can already share your streams publicly, and they look nice, and you will likely now be able to just drag and drop in. Makes sense and not hard to do with HTML5.

That’s Squarespace 6.

It allows editors to drag and drop images directly on the page in a browser.

The site looks a lot like Wordpress theme with the search box etc. The registration of the domain name is private so a dead end. At the bottom of the website are a couple of bits of text which I can’t read, but might be the usual “theme xxxx hosted by Wordpress”. Is there any sort of Wordpress editing site which does drag and drop?

Overall it’s too soon to suspect this is what Apple should provide, a way to edit the Journals from iPhoto, on a Mac using photos from Aperture.

SquareSpace looks nice, but $192 a year for the unlimited option is too much. I get much more for less money at wordpress ( Bill.

It’s not Squarespace — I know Ss inside and out (this is a Ss5 site) and the Ss6 drag-and-drop doesn’t work like that.


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From Phil Schiller:

“Good question.
Everything in the ad was done using shipping software.
The user is dragging and dropping out of Aperture into a web app in Safari.
I can find out which web tool was used if you are interested (I don’t recall).


I’ll let you know what he comes back with, in the meantime does this offer any more clues?

Nice one Patrick! No, no more clues except to confirm what we already knew; that it is Safari. Hope he responds again; that’s great!

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Interesting to see the attention being paid to this small yet mysterious segment of an Apple ad. Compare Apple’s iPad, iPhone and MacBook ads, which show hands actually performing tasks on the devices, to Microsoft’s Surface ads, which show absolutely nothing being done. White lines and circles being drawn across screens to no effect, Surfaces being slapped around on tabletops as though they were decks of cards…an unbelievable waste of air time and media dollars. No wonder Apple’s market value exceeds Microsoft’s by a factor of over 2:1.

Tom Thomson

So … Any more news from Phil Schiller?
And do Applle execs get Aperture shipped with their samples because every time I look Aperture is ‘available seperately’.


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