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Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.01 for Aperture 3 and iPhoto ‘11

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October 25, 2012 - 7:34am

There’s a new Camera RAW update out, and hopefully this will include that hot new camera you’ve been enjoying only in JPEG up until now!

  • Canon EOS M
  • Canon PowerShot S110
  • Nikon D600
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100
  • Canon PowerShot G15
  • Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
  • Nikon 1 J2
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ200
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G5
  • Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7
  • Sony Alpha NEX-F3

Go forth and update, and let us know in the comments how it works out for ya.

Apple Aperture

Is there any other reason to update Camera RAW, especially if my camera already has support?

Would be nice if they would issue a new update soon in which they support Nikon Coolpix P7700 (launched end of September)


Great question! I’d say no, there’s no benefit. These eventually get rolled into OS or Aperture updates, so if there’s nothing new for your camera then there’s probably no benefit.

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

I agree with Joseph … I routinely ignore updates for Ps/ACR/Lightroom/OS X/ Aperture … etc. if all they are adding is camera or new RAW file support if I don’t need them … especially if I am in the midst of several large projects … no need to rock the boat if the updates/additions are not bringing something significant to the effort … then when everything calms down … you have the time to update and address any potential issues that could arise …

Still waiting for X-Pro1 Support! WHY????

It’s a shame that I cannot use my Fuji X10 in RAW, with Aperture at least, but I’m beginning to think that this is a blessing in disguise. It means that I have to get the shot right in the camera …

~~~>--} threeshoes photography

Haha nice one Chris, if only all users were so generously minded! ;-)

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

I know this is not only Apple’s fault. The info regarding RAW comes from the camera manufactures. But I hope Apple starts supporting the Leica Monochrome soon. Or at least before mine arrives. Specially because the camera comes with LR. I would hate to use LR just to process the Leica MM Raw files.

No Fuji RAW again but having processed x2 weddings now just shooting Jpeg, I really don’t miss it.

I do think Apple need to say why it’s taking so long though.

VSCO FILM now seems to support Fuji X-Series RAW files.
Wonder why Fuji chose to support .RAF algorithms with one Developer and keep Apple & Adobe hanging?

Just sayin’.


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