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Photo Stream… ON

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October 13, 2011 - 11:44am

Once you’ve updated all your Macs to 10.7.2… upgraded all your iDevices to iOS 5… migrated to iCloud… updated to Aperture 3.2… you can finally do this:


Apple Aperture

Cool! I’m working on it! iPad is updated, but iPhone 4S won’t arrive until Friday, and I have to do a Wacom tablet driver update before installing Lion so my pen tablet will work with it. Can’t wait until I can use Photo Stream! :)


That was one heck of an exercise, I just finished as well. I don’t care how good apple is, my mom will never be able to do any of this…

I was a bit worried about this. I love the idea of automatically importing new photos from my iPhone, but I don’t want to automatically upload my DSLR photos to the photostream when I import them to Aperture.

If I understand that dialog box I can check the first two boxes and not the third and everything should be as I wish. Yes?

Yes that seems to be how it works.

Just did a drag and drop in Aperture on my Mac Pro to the photostream and watched it magically appear on my Macbook Pro Aperture library. Pretty cool. It can’t be edited in the photostream though, you have to copy it to a project first.


Yeah suddenly our whole workflow is different, and experimenting is fun. It’s midnight and I’m still messing around with my iPhone and iPad to turn on all the possible combinations of iCloud apps. I’m seeing some real great results with Numbers, Pages and Keynote as well… this is really well integrated.

I look forward to enabling this. I will, however, turn off all the automatic stuff.

I don’t fancy it uploading all 2-300 shots from a shoot, where 90% of the images are the same :p

Correction to my last post: No need to add to a Project from your photostream. Aperture does it automatically. If you take the photo on your iPhone, it creates a new project based on date (e.g. Oct 2011 Photo Stream). If you place a photo in the stream from Aperture, open the stream on another computer and it creates a project with the same name as the source image project in the original library.


I like the idea of having up to my last 1000 Aperture-imported photos available on my iPhone as well, without having to sync projects/albums etc., but I’m not sure I want it done automatically because as “mr kgoo” is saying, uploading 2-300 shots from a day out, where more than half of them will be the same, just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

So, anyone found a Gallery-replacement yet, now that MobileMe is soon gone? That’s how I liked to share in the past, few clicks and your entire album was up in the cloud.

I am in the process at this time down loading the upgrades. Looks like it is a little slow this morning even though I am on a high speed bandwidth. I assume many are doing this today. Started with my MacBook Pro and then will move onto my iPad 2. At least the iPhone 4S that will arrive in the morning will be ready with IOS5 and the iCloud. Can’t to give this a try with the iPhone 4S.

What about automatically renaming photos and applying metadata preset?

I think it’s best to uncheck the lower two boxes. Your Photostream in Aperture will still populate with photos taken on IOS devices, but it won’t automatically create new projects nor will it upload all the photos you add to Aperture from your DSLR to your photostream. In Aperture, you can manually add any photos to photostream by drag and drop and they will appear on your IOS devices automatically. Cool!



Wow I’m surprised, I didn’t realize that the final check-box “send all new photos to Photo Stream” actually pushed imported photos to the Stream. OK not really sure what I thought it did… LOL… but apparently, that’s what it does!.

Wicked cool, and definitely turning it off NOW ;-)

-Joseph @ApertureExpert

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I have been following the emails regarding Aperture and Photo Stream. I came across this article in the Unofficial Apple Weblog (Tuaw). I hope I am posting it in the appropriate place in the forum. Hope it is helpful.

Deep Dive: Aperture and Photo Stream How Do They Work

I just saw that article too and was going to add the link here. This article finally made that third option in preferences clear to me, so I promptly opened A3 to uncheck it. Phew!!

Thanks for this great thread!


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