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Remote Production Conference — Only $32 for 2 Days of Education!

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January 26, 2022 - 2:46pm

I'm speaking at the Remote Production Conference—an all-online conference designed around meeting your production needs in the age of NOT going on location!

Learn all about the conference and, check out the complete schedule, and look at the amazing roster of speakers!

General Admission 35% off with my code!
(some pretty sweet upgrades in the VIP package, too)

My Sessions…

Take Control of your ATEM Switcher with Companion and a Stream Deck

Saturday, February 5th / 5:00pm EDT

Simultaneously Simplify and Expand Control of your Blackmagic ATEM Switcher using Bitfocus Companion and the elgato Stream Deck!

By now we all know that the Blackmagic ATEM switchers (from the $300 Mini up to the $10,000 Constellation) are powerful, versatile and essential for the live streamer. And you likely know that advanced setup and control requires the use of macros, using a complicated XML language that’s difficult to learn and even harder to manage. But did you know that you can also control your ATEM with a much simpler, FREE, open source platform called Companion? And if you pair that with en elgato Stream Deck, you can control your production with customizable hardware buttons?

  • Learn the basics of Companion setup and control for any ATEM switcher
  • Discover just how deep the rabbit hole goes with commands that control multiple pieces of hardware simultaneously
  • See how the elgato Stream Deck integrates, adding colorful, custom, physical buttons to the ultimate in software control

If you’re ready to take your ATEM-based live shows to the next level with advanced control and commands, you won’t want to miss this session!

Ideal for: ATEM users who are ready to move beyond the basic buttons on their ATEM, beyond macros, and take their live production to the next level.

Remote Production Client-Inclusive Workflow

Friday, February 4th/ 11:00am EDT

I Made a Client-directed Production and They Never Set Foot in My Studio!

The pandemic canceled many projects, and put two big productions of mine that required in-person direction from the client at risk! Instead of dropping the project, I developed a way to bring the client into the studio remotely, give them a view of all cameras, and even start/stop recording. And I’ll show you exactly how it was done!

  • See how tools for live events can be used for an audience of one — your client!
  • Discover how to provide remote camera control
  • Hear about the post, review and approve workflow

If you’ve struggled with client productions in the age of lockdowns, or want to offer your services to clients anywhere in the world, then this is a session you will NOT want to miss!

Ideal for: Content creators or production houses limited by travel restrictions who want to offer client-inclusive production services.

See you there!

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