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Creating Lightroom Collections from Folders by Dragging

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June 27, 2016 - 12:00pm

The other day I needed to import into Lightroom a bunch of photos I'd already organized into subfolders in the Finder, so I simply dragged them into my Lightroom “originals” folder in the Finder, and synchronized that folder in Lightroom. My subfolders all showed up as expected… but of course I needed this same structure created in Collections, inside an already created Collection Set. I really didn't want to create a new collection, name it the same, drag the content, etc. etc. several times.

I wanted to create Collections inside a Collection Set from all these folders in the Finder

So I thought… “I wonder what would happen if I just dragged these Folders into the Collection Set?”.

Turns out all you have to do…

And lo and behold, it actually worked!

…is drag them into place!

And this is a real command; if you look at the Undo command, you'll see it listed as “Create Collection from Folder”.

It’s a real command… it just doesn’t exist in the menu

I searched the menus and this doesn't seem to exist as a command, so only as something that happens when you drag (makes sense). Cool!

Adobe Lightroom Mobile (pre-CC)
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That's a handy tip! I wonder what happens if you drag a hierarchical “folder of folders” into Collections. Does it create a Collection Set with Collections inside?

I don't know… try it and let us know! 

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