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Capture One Pro; Overview—Live Training Available for Free

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November 12, 2016 - 6:00pm

Capture One Pro is a robust editing app and a viable Aperture replacement. In this session, we take an overview look at the entire app.

This video is free for everyone to watch as it's the first video in this potential series. I say potential because I want to know if you want to see more of this app! Be sure to let me know in the comments. It is also available for purchase if you would like to download it.

Watch “Capture One Pro; Overview” now…

All visitors have free access to this video. Please be sure to let me know if you want more of this app in the comments below.


Capture One Pro

I would like to see more in depth assessment of Capture One Pro. Particularly regarding importing existing referenced Aperture libraries and black & white processing. Also of interest would be compatibility with 3rd party modules such as the NIK suite.




architect & photographer

I selected Capture1 over Lightroom some time ago. My biggest problem has been the importing of my aperture/photos libraries. 

Any indepth review is welcome.



Will definitely become a member if you do a series on Capture One!  I chose it over Lightroom when Aperture development was officially stopped.  Amazing image quality.

Yes, please.  Would like more of your instruction on C1.  I’m using it and generally like it but their are issues .  There are not many support areas out, at least for beginners. The factory site kind of glosses over basics. I still have issues with importing, organization, file structure, etc.  I am a Apeture user (still go back to for old files, processing just one or two images, etc.).



Estes Bob


Thanks for the overview video. C1 is very good IMO, but the learning curve can be a bit long. Your point of wading in slowly rather than plunging in head-first is good advice. As to more in your series, we can always use a different explanation of the same thing, so keep going. On the other hand, the tutorials on the PhaseOne site are quite comprehensive, so you may find a better use of your time than repackaging similar information. Conclusion: Definite Maybe !!

Bill Booth

I am interested in more videos.  I have been using MacPhun extensions but their products are buggy and often crash.  I shoot a A7Rm2 and have just started trying Capture One for Sony since the Express version is free

Yes. I would be interested in more videos on C1 since I use this application after leaving Aperture.

Geoff Gammon

Yes, please let’s get further into Capture One. Need to learn more about bringing my Aperture Library over in a chronological fashion, Year, Seasons, special projects etc.. Feel the Raw conversion is definitely the best available and Capture One has strongly committed to all major cameras. Wonder how jpg and tiff files brought in to C1 will appear and degree of adjustment available.


Yes, I’d be interested in seeing more videos on Capture One. Looking at alternatives to Aperture, Capture One felt the closest match to Aperture; available features and image quality looked high standard.


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