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A Photography and Workflow Interview in the Russian Travel Magazine “Voyage”

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June 22, 2013 - 4:00am

Yesterday I posted an article on my photography blog that I thought some of you here might be interested in. I was interviewed (via email) for a Russian travel magazine called “Voyage”, about my experiences and tips on photography, editing on mobile and desktop, and more. It’s funny; I got seven “big” questions (one of which I discarded because I’d already addressed it), and wrote about five pages of response. All of that got compressed to just one page in Russian! So either Cyrillic is insanely efficient, or the editors did some serious cutting :) Either way, I posted the original English interview along with links to the Russian article on my site. Check it out here!

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Usually Russian version is about 30-40% longer (Russian words are much longer but there’s no articles).

The interview is very informative about how you uset the snapseeds and instragrams of this world, but most of all I like the way you do your selection. What I learned from it is to go through your photo several times up and downgrading them and work on the 4 and 5 stars only.
If i may ask one other question.
In which of the process do you tag your photo’s and do you do just the 4 and 5 starred?

Regards, Martin

Greetz, Martin


By tag do you mean keyword?

If so, then I must admit I rarely keyword. If I do I’m mostly going to just add keywords for people in the image (until Faces is so good I don’t have to anymore). I’ve found that adding keywords, for my line of work, is mostly irrelevant. Sure it’d be great to have really descriptive keywords for every image (and in that case I’d probably only do the top rated in a project, because those are the ones I want to find) but to ensure I can find images later, I’ll make those descriptive file names, and maybe add more to the project info, and then when I’m searching I can narrow it down to the project, and from there manually go through the images.

If I shot stock however then I’d be keywording the heck out of images, and probably hitting the top and middle range selection. Probably.

-Joseph @ApertureExpert
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Hi Joseph,

I meant keywords indeed.
Thanks for explaining. Good point to be selective on these. It costs so much time when you want do it well and so boring……….

Regards, Martin

Greetz, Martin

This type of magazine inspire the visitors to visit the world and they also keen to go outside and see the beauty of nature.

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