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Alex Koloskov’s “Advanced Techniques in Liquid and Splash Hi-speed Photography” — Included in the 5 Day Deal

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October 18, 2014 - 12:00am

By now you've heard of this 5 Day Deal. OK, you've basically been spammed by the entire internet, and for that, I apologize. Kinda. I know I'll hear from a dozen people after the sale; “why didn't you tell me?!”. So we gotta get the word out while the gettin's good!

Anyway I wanted to talk about what I think is the most exciting course in this bundle. And not just because it's a $185 value that you get for $89, along with $2,000 in other stuff. I mean really, if this ONE course interests you, and you throw the rest away, you still save over 50%. Nice.

Alex Koloskov runs the photography training site Photigy, and he teaches some really incredible high-end photo techniques. Without question, I've learned a thing or two from his site that I've applied to my commercial work. His client list includes some pretty serious brands, but even if he was just a guy in a garage his work would be insane. The class that got me so excited was this “Advanced Techniques in Liquid and Splash Hi-Speed Photography” course. You can learn how to create images like this…

How insane is that?!

Here's what you'll learn from his course…

  • Discover what equipment is good for hi-speed liquid photography: which lighting systems are good and which are not, and why. Speedlites, Monolights and expensive power packs are compared.
  • How to shoot different types of liquid: clear, colored, and completely non-transparent, and what the difference is in how to highlight them.
  • How to shape unique splashes, and how to catch the right moment
  • Find out how to simulate different types of liquids: milk, chocolate, etc
  • How to create a composite shot, how to combine separate photos into one mind-blowing composition
  • Photoshop techniques on how to manipulate with shots of liquid

Even if you don't have any interest in creating liquid creations like the ones above (but c'mon, who wouldn't want to put one of those always unique (no two splashes are the same!) photos on their 500px portfolio?), you'll learn a ton of lighting techniques that can apply in many other situations.

So there ya have it. My “oh wow this is cool” course from the bundle. There's a LOT more in this package, of course. Check it all out and start your download engines here.


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