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Aperture SDK Updated to 3.4

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June 15, 2013 - 4:00am

This should help silence the naysayers…

Aperture’s SDK (Software Development Kit), which are the guidelines and tools that developers need to create plugins for Aperture, was recently updated (2013-06-05) to version 3.4. The update is very minor, but exceptionally signficant. Here’s what the developer page has to say about it.

The Aperture 3.4 SDK provides the same functionality as the Aperture 2.1 SDK, but in addition, provides templates and samples that build with Xcode 4.4 and later, and on either OS X 10.7.5 or 10.8.3 and later.

Why is this significant?

Because this hasn’t been updated since Aperture 2.1.

And what does that mean to us?

That Apple is priming the pump. Feeding the horses. Gassing up the engines. Use what analogy you like — it means that Apple has picked up the developer kit and dusted it off. Even though really nothing is new here, there’s only one reason to do this—because you’re getting ready for a much bigger change.

I think this is the most significant signal from Apple the something new is coming. It may not be right around the corner, and now that we’ve seen the new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks, maybe we’ll have to wait for those to come, but at least we can see movement on the horizon.

Something’s coming.

  • Here’s the public SDK overview page.
  • For those with developer accounts, you should be able to go here and search for “Aperture” to find more.
Apple Aperture

boom! Yep…this IS a significant development

This is HUGE news … the kind of tangible nugget I have been waiting for … developers don’t issue such a significant upgrade to an SDK for an end of life product … Not to mention, Apple is getting this SDK out in advance of a product release … which is usually not the case … app release, then SDK … I’m hoping this is so third party vendors can get up to speed before then … Yes indeed … very good news …

Just noted elsewhere that Alien Skin Exposure now supports….Aperture.

“The game’s afoot”

Sure hope there will be something new soon.  :) Gotta say, though, that I was finally *forced* into moving to LR even though I hate the interface. The tools themselves… the power of the adjustment tools, rather, is just much much greater than Aperture. I do hope that the next version of Aperture can at least catch up in that regard (noise reduction, sharpening, grain, exposure, shadows/highlights, etc.). It’s as if LR can reach a deeper level in the raw files somehow… But anyway, I’m sure the Aperture interface and functionality will be fantastic and I’m sure I’ll switch back in a second.  ;) Gotta say that I”m a little surprised we’ve gone this long.

Quick question from a newbie. Should I purchase Aperture now or wait for Aperture 4?


I’d say go ahead and get it now. That may increase the chances of a new version being released.  ;) Actually, in the span of time from my previous post to this one, I grew so fed up with LR’s interface and performance that I’m moving everything back to Aperture. So we can both enjoy the current version while awaiting the next one.

Actually, though LR’s tools are more powerful, every time I return to Aperture I’m struck by the fact that the end results are actually quite similar when processing a properly exposed image.

To utilize *all* of LR’s power, solely for the sake of using it to its potential, will most likely end with an over-processed image. I mean, I can crank the exposure 3 stops in either direction, but why? I can jack the clarity to the point that anyone familiar with LR will instantly identify the exact slider that was over-used just by looking at the image.

I guess what I’m saying is that Adobe can keep pushing this as far down the road as they want, but at what point are the advancements beyond what we’d ever use to finalize a tasteful image? I think Aperture could stand for a bit of catching up but there is more to this equation than just the math. ;)

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