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QUESTION: Does Aperture 3.4 Fix the “Highlight Tone Priority” Issue?

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September 21, 2012 - 4:13pm


Can those of you experiencing the “Highlight Tone Priority” issue (discussed at length here) please report back as to whether the Aperture 3.4 update addressed the problem? Since there was an update to the RAW engine, I have high hopes that this was fixed.

Let us know in the comments please!

Update on September 23, 2012 - 8:05am by Joseph @ApertureExpert

Folks, PLEASE only comment below on the question at hand — does 3.4 address the Highlight Tone Priority issue? I’m sorry but I’ve had to delete the rest of the comments that belong in the support forum.

One reader below says the issue is NOT fixed, however I’ve had a report from the same photographer (Bob Davis) who’s photos we featured here a while ago when we first discussed the issue, and he has reported that the issue IS fixed (even using the same photos to test).

So, we’re getting mixed reports here… when you post if the issue IS or IS NOT fixed for you, please list the camera you are using. Thanks.

Apple Aperture

No, it has not been fixed.

I ran a test, tried to import the same folder of 5D3 RAW files with Highlight Tone Priority that caused me heartburn when I first noticed the problem in Aperture early this summer. JPEG previews look great, and then a second later, the lights go out.


No, it has not been fixed.

As Robert, I ran a test with many shots from a 50D and the lights go out just a second after showing the previews.

Guess we’ll have to wait until next update…

It’s a curious thing…

Back when you first posted about this, I reported that I saw a similar issue with a Canon T4i. Same symptoms in Aperture but I later realized the T4i Highlight Tone setting was off by default so even though it seems like the same problem, it wasn’t exactly the same.

I no longer have the T4i (it was a rental), but I went back to that project and all of those T4i images now have the Reprocess Raw brick that you get when Apple updates the RAW imaging engine after you’ve imported images affected. So the T4i RAW imaging was updated.

I no longer see the dramatic darkening of images with a corresponding under-exposed histogram for properly exposed T4i images. So even if the original problem reported for 5D3 is not fixed, the T4i is.


I’ve just run a quick test setting Active D-Lighting to OFF on my Nikon D700.
Aperture’s previews are the same as in camera’s.
If Active D-Lighting is set to any other than OFF, Aperture previews are way too dark.
Before, my tests showed that all Aperture previews looked darker regardless of Active D-Lighting setting.
Given this, it seems it works, so I guess I’ll keep D-Lighting OFF!!
I couldn’t run the test on Fuji X100 yet, so I don’t know wether settind Dynamic Range to 100% equals to turning it OFF. What do you think, Joseph?


Hm, I usually shoot JPEG on my X100 so can’t really say… that and I haven’t been able to upgrade to 3.4 yet because I don’t have the Apple ID password on this loaner Mac! *sigh*

Interesting though that the issue doesn’t seem to be totally resolved.

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Hello. I have same darkens of my pictures any programm: Aperture 3.4 = LR4 Win. Only DDP working correct. I checked HTP in my camera = OFF. DDP show HTP=0(off), but pictures any way to darkens. I think the reason ather then HTP.

I am using Nikon D90, with Active D lighting “ON”. Shooting in RAW.
Just upgraded to 3.4 Aperture and it seems to have sorted out the problem for me.
Thank goodness!!

nope it goes blank as soon as I touch it, I’m about to update to 3.4.1

Aperture 3.4 nor 3.4.1 fix this problem for the 5d Mk3

Jim Searing

Is there a fix within Aperture that I can apply to all the photos I took with the 5d Mk3?

Jim Searing


Are you seeing the notice that these images are using an old RAW converter? If so then you can select them all (make a Smart Album to find them all easily) and choose Reprocess Originals from the menu.

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Problem persists with Aperture 3.4.3 for the Canon 50D

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