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ApertureExpert (not-so) Live Training Session 022: Live Adjustments is Available

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September 1, 2012 - 3:05pm

Sorry for being so quiet lately; after the big Aperture 3.3 push things calmed down again, plus it’s just been super busy elsewhere. In fact I didn’t have time to schedule this last Live Training as an actual live broadcast, so I ended up just recording it and publishing it here. Silly thing is, I wanted this up last week — but my drive dismounted and I couldn’t get to it remotely to finish the job! Oh well, hopefully worth the wait…

In Live Training Session 022: Live Adjustments, I took a series of user-provided images and performed a complete edit on them, so you can see how I would choose to handle these photos. I specifically requested tough, challenging images, and I got ‘em. Well all except one guy who’s just showing off with his mad underwater skills ;-)

BIG NEWS: I recorded this session at 1920 × 1080 for the first time, which makes for a really, really nice video to watch! As I’ve done with the last several videos, the complete Live Training is also available for FREE at low rez. I figured if I was going to continue to offer the complete video for free, I’d better make the paid one even more enticing. Considering the last free video was viewed well over 3,000 times on YouTube, but actual sales were much, much smaller than that, I thought it time to up my game.

Head on over to the Live Training Catalog to view the low rez and download the 1080p high rez, and enjoy! If feedback is good on this session, I’ll do it again. It was fun! Please leave your comments on the Live Training page.

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