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March 31, 2011 - 4:59am

My friend David Schloss over at MacCreate has recently launched a new photo store, called (great URL, huh?). They sell all kinds of photo-related products, including some pretty unusual pieces. I love the baby Fedora, am a huge fan of the Rogue Flash Benders and the Honl Light Modifiers (as anyone who’s read my book will know!), and I think the iPhone 4 Leica skins are hysterical (I posted this photo on twitter and loads of people thought I actually bought a Leica! hehe).

And in true photo-geek fashion, I got a few of these aperture wrist bands to give away at my next seminar (see, you knew there had to be an “Aperture” hook in there somewhere!). Plus, 50¢ of each sale for the wristbands goes to the Red Cross Japan Disaster Relief Fund. Let your geek flag fly!

aperture wrist bands at — 50¢ from each purchase goes to Red Cross Japan ReliefFinally if you don’t have it yet, my video “What’s New in Aperture 3”, available only from MacCreate, is now just $39.99. I think this originally sold for over $100 when Aperture 3 was first released, but if you never saw it, for this price it’s worth grabbing. It’s a couple of hours long and full of tasty Aperture goodness.

Apple Aperture

Funny you mention that site. I just bought something from them last week. They do have some fairly cool stuff on there. What attracted me to them at first was their camera straps, and as I was looking through their site I found their recommendation for most comfortable straps and got one. I also got the photographer calendar tshirt which I found hilarious and clever.

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