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What Do YOU Want in Aperture 3?

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January 26, 2010 - 2:34pm

The rumor mill is in full force, and other than the infamous rumored tablet (iTablet, iSlate, iWantOne), the other hot rumor for Apple’s Wednesday event is Aperture 3. Don’t ask me if it’s true, I honestly haven’t got a clue (and believe you me, I’ve tried to get one!!). So let’s assume that it does come… what do we want to see?

I have my list, but I’d love to hear yours. I’ll read through the comments and whenever we do see the thing, I’ll give away a copy of my next eBook for free to whoever is closest! Go on then… tell us what you think is coming, and throw in your dream features as well, and I’ll throw something back at the best of ya’ ;-)

Apple Aperture

Expecting to see:

1) Ability to have multiple libraries open at one time and open them without having to restart the app
2) New import UI
3) More/greater/better integration with other Apple apps
4) Improved performance
5) Intel only (not sure that it’s a feature, but expecting it none-the-less)
6) New html & book templates
7) iPhoto’s facial recognition & GPS Places features
8) More flexible print presets (i.e. two 5x7 of the same image on a single page)

Dreaming of:

9) Nondestructive, saveable pixel-by-pixel editing (ie brushes)
10) customizable MobileMe pages
11) Support for attached audio file notes
12) Support for video
13) Faster RAW support for new cameras
14) Better integration with pro apps, especially Final Cut Pro to go with #12

Is that too much to ask? I hope not!


I almost forgot 2 other things for the dream section:
15) HDR support (creation and tone mapping)
16) Multiple image stitching for panoramas

Hoping to see:

1. ability to merge multiple libraries so that I can bring my travelling library from my Macbook Pro into my main library once the travel is over. I know I can export projects and then re-import them but if I do things such as start to build a book that kind of stuff does not come over in the export.

2. ability to export images with the caption as their file name

3. better printing options -at the moment it assumes everything is either a proof sheet or a final print on a single page. I often find myself having top import into iphoto to print more flexibly.

4. more options with the web gallery

Emma Blee

I’m hoping that it takes full advantage of the Snow Leapard engine and is fully 64bit. Also, I would love to see brush style non-destructive local edits that work with a touch screen iPad/iSlate/iTablet device. I think this would be really cool.

Obviously I would like to see the iPhoto features, better mobileme integration, etc. as well, but I think non-destructive local edits would set Aperture apart from its competition.

I would love to see localized adjustment brushes, GPS support, and facial recognition. It would be great if you could choose the source when doing tethered shooting; my printer/scanner/copier always gets chosen over my camera. It’s not a huge deal to disconnect the scanner, but it is annoying when it’s plugged in. It doesn’t seem like that would be hard to integrate into Aperture…

When managing referenced files, would love for the import process to recognize established folder structure. Still new to it and getting used to features, but the adjustment brushes would be great as well. LR3 Beta had some pretty powerful tools.

1. My biggest wish would be to switch between libraries without having to restart the application.
2. Adjustment presets!
3. Localized, non-destructive adjustments.
4. Support for video.
5. Better printing flexibility.
6. Addition of iPhoto features.
7. Better slideshow options.
8. 64 bit support

Let’s hope today is the day!

Multiple libraries
64-bit Snow Leopard support
Searching between libraries
Video organization

just one real thing for me…. RAW support for the E-P1…. don’t even care if they don’t implement the lens correction… though they should to make all those other Panasonic LX-3, GF-1 owners happy.

I know you can hack the file to make Aperture think the pics came from an E-30 but thats not the point

1. Raw support for Micro 4/3 cameras
in fact, proper DNG support for lens corrections would be good

2. Faster (64 bit and intel only?)

3. an ipad app so that projects could be created on the ipad and then downloaded back to the mac when you get home

… . erm …

Faster RAW support for new cameras with information - I know it’s cloud cuckoo but I still wish.

All the best
Jonathan Slack (

ipad support for downloading images onto the ipad while shooting would really make my day. That would actually make me want an ipad, haha.

Also, we do know that aperture is coming some time.

Hooray for isbn numbers.

Ability to export/import adjustment presets.
ND Grad filter tool (like LR has)

Of course, I’ll need to upgrade to an Intel MacBook Pro to be able to use A3. :) It will be done.

My “What do YOU Want in Aperture 3” is easy… I want one thing… A DELIVERY DATE!

how about full layer support too.

All the obvius and ,I would like too , the posibility to compare to master but keeping the crop


So you upload your RAW file - and then make your inital adjustments - which automatically creates a new version….

…I’d like the option for that new version to automatically become the stack pick - fed up of having to switch the pick manually every time.

Ability to add a professional watermark without loosing sharpness and without using a program outside Aperture.
- More picture effects availability ( 3D, painting, coloring, special effects, etc )
- Capability to change image background to the color that I want
- Especial framing capability ( must be able to add frames to my pictures )

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