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WINNER of “What Do YOU Want in Aperture 3?” Contest Announced!

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April 1, 2010 - 1:01pm

Back before Aperture 3 was announced (it seems so long ago now, doesn’t it?!) I posted this article, What Do YOU Want in Aperture 3? in which I offered a free copy of my next eBook to whoever got the closest in their guessing. I just read through the lot, and there are some GREAT responses in here. Before we get to the winner though, here’s my three favorite features that did NOT make it in…

Top Still-Missing Feature Requests

From James Muñoz—the posibility to compare to master but keeping the crop

I love this! I think that’s a brilliant suggestion and hopefully one that can be implemented. I’d ask that it keeps Straighten, too.

From Rich Ruh—Searching between libraries

Makes sense to me, especially now that it’s so easy to manage multiple Libraries. That’s always the challenge though with doing that; how do you search inside them all without opening each one up? There’s actually a utility I blogged about some time ago, on my photo blog (before I started titled A Media Browser for Multiple Aperture Libraries that references a cool utility called iMedia Browser. I stopped using it some time ago, but it appears to have been update for Aperture 3 and could be worth looking at again. 

From Emma Blee—ability to export images with the caption as their file name

Ah, yes… this is one I’ve wanted for ages. I’m surprised not to see it in Aperture 3, but one can always hope it’ll show up sooner rather than later.

But enough about that, who won?!

And the Winner Is…

Congratulations Katie Caress! I’ll be emailing you a coupon towards any eBook you like, now or future. Why did she win? Because hers was the longest entry with EVERYTHING right. I’ll bet she was one excited user to get into Aperture 3 and find all of her desires met! Here’s her entry:

1. My biggest wish would be to switch between libraries without having to restart the application.
2. Adjustment presets!
3. Localized, non-destructive adjustments.
4. Support for video.
5. Better printing flexibility.
6. Addition of iPhoto features.
7. Better slideshow options. 
8. 64 bit support

Yeah number 6 is vague, but I’m gonna take that to mean Faces and Places.

Congratulations again! It’s a bit early to start the wish list for Aperture 4, but I’m sure some of you have started that list already ;-)

-Joseph @ApertureExpert


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