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  • Released: 2017/07/24
    0:56 hr

    HDR from RAW files on iOS is a reality with Affinity Photo on iOS… but as we'll see in this video, some issues need working around!

  • Released: 2017/07/14
    0:41 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Tone Mapping (HDR)

    Live Training Session 1008

    Affinity Photo is a fantastic HDR editor as it combines the power of 32-bit HDR imagery with brushable Overlays to give you the ultimate control over your high dynamic range scene.

  • Released: 2017/07/11
    0:47 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo iOS: Layers

    Live Training Session 1102

    Layers. On iOS. Yeah, it's for real. And it's really incredible. Check out how Affinity Photo handles layers on iOS (hint… it looks a lot like on macOS!)

  • Released: 2017/06/27
    0:56 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo iOS: RAW Persona

    Live Training Session 1101

    You've never seen RAW processing on an iPad like this before! Affinity Photo for iOS has an incredible RAW processor… you have to see it to believe it.

  • Released: 2017/06/23
    0:32 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Frequency Separation

    Live Training Session 1007

    In this final look at the Filters in Affinity Photo, we explore Frequency Separation; an incredibly powerful and advanced tool to help with your portrait retouching.

  • Released: 2017/06/15
    1:12 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Advanced Filters

    Live Training Session 1006

    We took a detailed look at some of the more advanced filters in this Live Training session on Serif's Affinity Photo (and went off topic on iOS RAW & DAMs!)

  • Released: 2017/06/09
    1:06 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: (Live) Filters

    Live Training Session 1005

    There are quite a few Filters in Affinity Photo; many of them live (meaning you can re-edit at any time). There's a bunch of them, so let's get started!

  • Released: 2017/06/07
    0:49 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo for iOS: First Look

    Live Training Session 1100

    Affinity Photo for iOS is here! Let's take a tour and see how it looks, compare to the macOS version, and see what is lurking under the hood!

  • Released: 2017/05/31
    0:46 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Effects

    Live Training Session 1004

    The Effects in Affinity Photos are more for the designer in you than the photographer, but many of us add text or objects to our photos at some point!

  • Released: 2017/05/25
    1:04 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Adjustments

    Live Training Session 1003

    The Develop Persona alone in Affinity Photos is packed full of amazing features; some expected, and many not. Let's see what Adjustments has waiting for us!

  • Released: 2017/05/18
    0:51 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Basic Editing

    Live Training Session 1002

    Before getting too deep in Affinity Photos, I chose a few different photos so we could look at some basic editing techniques that everyone will need to use.

  • Released: 2017/05/11
    0:52 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Overview

    Live Training Session 1001

    We're kicking off a new series with the incredible Affinity Photo; a viable Photoshop replacement that has some pretty incredible tricks up its sleeve!



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