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  • Released: 2017/09/27
    0:25 hr

    Polarr Photo Editor: Presets

    Live Training Session 1201

    When you think of presets (or filters), often they are one-trick effects. In Polarr, not only are they actual presets that you can continue to tweak, but each one has a built in tutorial! It's something special…

  • Released: 2017/09/22
    0:39 hr

    Polarr Photo Editor: Overview

    Live Training Session 1200

    It's time for something new! Polarr is an incredible image editing app that's on all platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and even Chrome! Let's get an overview of the whole thing. 

  • Released: 2017/09/14
    0:24 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo iOS: Export

    Live Training Session 1108

    At some point, you'll want to share your images with the world. But do you get them out of Affinity Photo? This video explains it all, including moving your master .afphoto file back to iCloud.

  • Released: 2017/09/13
    0:56 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Export

    Live Training Session 1013

    How exciting can exporting be? When it comes to Affinity Photo on macOS, it turns out… very. The features in here are amazing, especially to web and graphic designers.

  • Released: 2017/09/08
    0:35 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo iOS: Liquify

    Live Training Session 1107

    Let's get GOOey! With Affinity Photo you can liquify an image, which can actually be far more useful than it sounds! Scale eyes to match, add a hint of a smile, and a whole lot more.

  • Released: 2017/09/07
    0:52 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Liquify

    Live Training Session 1012

    Why would you liquify a photo, short of GOOing up your kid's or dog's face? It turns out there's some pretty powerful stuff you can do when your image turns to silly putty.

  • Released: 2017/09/01
    0:51 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo iOS: Stacking

    Live Training Session 1106

    Stacking allows a multitude of options, including one we didn't see before in the macOS video — noise removal! This technique can take your high-ISO photos to a noise-fee nirvana.

  • Released: 2017/08/30
    0:54 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Stacking

    Live Training Session 1011

    Stacking a sequence of photos of the same scene offers incredible opportunities, such as simulating long exposures, automatic people removal, the creation of star trails, and more!

  • Released: 2017/08/11
    0:27 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo iOS: Panorama

    Live Training Session 1105

    Assembling panoramas on your iPad is easy with Affinity Photo, and it has nearly every feature available on the macOS side as well!

  • Released: 2017/08/08
    0:42 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Panorama

    Live Training Session 1010

    Affinity Photo features an impressive Panorama tool which not only automatically merges complex scenes, but allows you to easily fix errors in the seams.

  • Released: 2017/08/08
    0:23 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo iOS: Focus Merging

    Live Training Session 1104

    You can focus stack in Affinity Photo on macOS and even on iOS… but is one of the most important features missing from the iOS version?

  • Released: 2017/07/26
    0:42 hr

    Serif Affinity Photo: Focus Merging

    Live Training Session 1009

    Affinity Photo includes a built-in Focus Merging (aka Focus Stacking) Persona, and it's incredibly simple to use; not only in creating your stack, but in retouching it, too!



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