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  • Released: 2013/11/25

    Intensify Pro by MacPhun

    Create powerful photographic images with unprecedented drama and detail

    Intensify Pro is another great addition to your photo editing collection, especially for the structure controls and gradient mask capabilities.
  • Released: 2013/11/14

    Aperture 3

    The Apple software that started it all

    Aperture is professional level photo management and editing software made and sold by Apple. By purchasing with this link, you’re helping to support this website.
  • Released: 2013/11/03
    This “Adjustment Effects Preset Pack User’s Guide” has been updated for Aperture 3.3/3.4
  • Released: 2013/09/04

    Snapheal Pro by MacPhun

    Fast and easy object removal and scene repair

    Snapheal Pro is an amazing tool for removing anything from small blemishes to entire objects from your scene.
  • Released: 2013/04/15
    3:01 hr

    Artist in Action

    Large Scale Black-and-White Photographs

    Watch artist Joseph Linaschke explain the creation of his gallery hanging of large black-and-white prints on metal and discuss the many challenges he faced along the way.
  • Released: 2013/02/09
    0:34 hr

    Understanding Image Resolution

    Live Training Session 024

    What’s a pixel, a megapixel, a DPI or a PPI? Learn that and a lot more in this very educational and technical video.

  • Released: 2013/01/13
    1:06 hr

    Aperture 3.3 was a significant upgrade, not only adding many new features, but also changing the interface. Learn how to get the most of the new capabilities from this video training.

  • Released: 2012/11/01
    5:15 hr

    iOS 6 Workshop

    (for previous version)

    Note: This training is for iOS 6! Learn what you need to know to maximize your investment in your iOS device. If you use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you may be surprised at just how many features are lurking beneath the surface.

  • Released: 2012/10/17
    0:37 hr

    Multiple Mac Workflow

    Live Training Session 023

    If you have multiple Macs that you use for Aperture, you won't want to miss this session, full of tips on how to make that Mac-to-Mac workflow as seamless as possible!

  • Released: 2012/08/30
    1:57 hr

    Learn how to get the most from Google's (now DxO) Nik Collection in this video training, which covers everything from how to prep photos for working in the plugins to using U Points and more.

  • Released: 2012/08/25
    0:35 hr

    Live Adjustments

    Live Training Session 022

    In this session I edited a series of real world user-submitted images to demonstrate a live workflow.

  • Released: 2012/07/31
    1:58 hr

    Learn how to create your own books in iBooks Author, where you can integrate text, photos, slideshows, video, audio, and even quizzes into your books.


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