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  • Released: 2014/03/11
    0:54 hr

    Importing Your Photos (part 2)

    Live Training Session 102

    Picking up where we left off last session, in Session 102 we completed the import dialog and learned everything you need to know about importing your photos!

  • Released: 2014/02/27
    0:35 hr

    Importing Your Photos (part 1)

    Live Training Session 101

    We're starting from the beginning, using Aperture 3.5… a new UI and a slew of new features since we started the Live Training series, it's time to get back to basics!

  • Released: 2014/02/19
    21:44 hr

    Live Training Complete (Sessions 001-025)

    001 collection… 21+ hours of video, 33% off

    This is the complete *original* Aperture Live Training series, which started with Session 001 “Importing your Photos” in 2011 and concluded with Session 025 “SmugMug” in 2014!
  • Released: 2014/02/11

    Adjustment Effects Preset Pack Bundle #1 to #7

    All the presets in one tidy package

    This bundle contains all the existing Adjustment Effects Preset Packs, #1 through #7, including the new “Portra” pack!
  • Released: 2014/02/10
    Have you ever laboriously created a mask for one adjustment, such as Curves, then wished you could copy that mask to another adjustment, like Levels? Now you can.
  • Released: 2014/02/10
    This “AppleScripts for Aperture 3 User’s Guide” has been updated to include the latest AppleScript, “Brush Mask Lift & Stamp”.
  • Released: 2014/01/23
    These presets emulate Kodak’s first generation of Portra films. Emulations include presets for 160NC, 160VC, 400NC, and 400VC as well as a set of add-ons for shadow and highlight toning,...
  • Released: 2013/12/20
    0:17 hr

    SmugMug Integration

    Live Training Session 025

    SmugMug integration with Aperture came with the 3.5 release. This video goes through all the options, including many not-so-obvious things you need to know!

  • Released: 2013/11/27

    Creative Kit: Snapheal Pro + Intensify Pro

    Get two of the world's leading photo editing apps for Mac and save

    Use Snapheal Pro to quickly remove unwanted objects, heal skin blemishes and more. Use Intensify Pro to fine-tune and bring incredible detail to your images. Make these products an essential part of your photo editing toolbox! 
  • Released: 2013/11/26

    Perfect Photo Suite 8

    Now a complete photo editor

    Create extraordinary images, inspire your creativity, and solve the most common photo problems with Perfect Photo Suite 8—a complete photo editor designed to bring your images to life and make them look their best.
  • Released: 2013/11/26


    Next level iOS software for your Eye-Fi or other wireless SD card workflow

    ShutterSnitch is an app for transferring photos to your iOS device from almost any wireless device, and is a superior alternative to the free Eye-Fi app for Eye-Fi users.
  • Released: 2013/11/25

    LInkedIn Learning (formerly Free Trial

    Get 1 month of free unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn Learning (formerly is an online learning company that helps anyone learn software, design, and business skills to achieve their personal and professional goals.


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