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Camera to Cloud + 6K for TiKTok = the ULTIMATE production solution

Photo Moment - May 15, 2023

At NAB 2023, I shot a series of news stories from the NAB show floor using a LUMIX S5II camera mounted vertically. The footage was shot in 6K open gate mode utilizing ATOMOS Camera to Cloud (C2C), which allowed me to deliver high-quality vertical social media content in near realtime, as well as standard 4K widescreen delivery after the show.


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At NAB 2023, I shot a series of news stories from the NAB show floor using a LUMIX S5II camera mounted vertically. The footage was shot in 6K open gate mode utilizing ATOMOS Camera to Cloud (C2C), which allowed me to deliver high-quality vertical social media content in near realtime, as well as standard 4K widescreen delivery after the show.

The workflow for this project was as follows:

  1. I shot interviews and b-roll footage on the NAB show floor using a vertically mounted LUMIX S5II camera.
  2. The footage was recorded internally in the LUMIX S5II to SD cards in V-Log, 4:2:0 10-bit, HEVC codec at 200Mbps.
  3. The S5II can record internally in 6K while simultaneously outputting 4K over HDMI.
  4. The camera's HDMI output fed into an ATOMOS Ninja V+ with the ATOMOS CONNECT system attached to it.
  5. The ATOMOS Connect converted the incoming 4K HDMI feed to HD “proxy” clips to push to the cloud.
  6. The HD files were then uploaded to, where a remote editor could access them.
  7. The editor would cut the stories into vertical shorts, which were then pushed back to for review and approval.
  8. Once approved, the vertical shorts were posted to social media.
  9. After the show, I could re-edit traditional landscape Ultra HD from the vertical 6K source.

This project was a success. We delivered high-quality short form vertical content in near realtime while not sacrificing final delivery of traditional widescreen, more thoughtfully edited content, later. This workflow can apply to any event where both immediate updates AND longer form recaps are desired.

Here are some of the challenges I faced with this project:

  1. Some shots that were framed for vertical end up being a little tight when cut horizontally.
  2. It can be difficult to find a remote editor who is familiar with the specific workflow and equipment used in this project.
  3. The quality of the internet connection on the show floor can be unreliable, which can impact the ability to upload footage to the cloud.

Overall, I am very happy with the results of this project. I believe that this workflow is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to deliver high-quality content to social media in near realtime and traditional media at full quality later.

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What uses of camera to cloud (C2C) can you see integrating into your own workflow?
Merci d’inclure vos vidéos en français et autres langues pour ceux qui ne parlent pas anglais et vos vidéos sont superbes
Merci de dire ça! Je commençais à me demander si quelqu'un s'en souciait ; tu es l'un des très rares à commenter !
I like that there are Slovenian subtitles available. I understand text better than speech. That's how it is when you don't learn English in school. By the way, I didn't know you live in Slovenia. :)
You’re welcome! And I just moved here a couple of months ago.
How’s it going Joseph quick question. I’ve been shooting video at a Jiu-Jitsu gym for a while now and they have LED lights that cause the banding. Shooting at 4k 60fps solves that issue. But they asked that I take pictures today and the black lines showed up on the picture side as well. I have it on mechanical shutter, the black lines were creeping from right to left, and had to wait for the black line to go across the screen to get the shot. Any suggestions on how to prevent that on the photo side? Thank you 🙏
@@photojoseph I just found this video on the Lumix youtube, but my camera doesn't have that feature. I put it into burst mode to see if that feature would show up and nada.
@@photojoseph Yes I have a Lumix S5ii, I just went through every menu and didn't find anything like that. Maybe it's called something else?
If this is a lumix camera, then there is a feature called, I think, “flicker elimination” or something like that, in the photo menu. It times the shutter with the flickering LEDs so the banding goes away. If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll find the actual menu setting for you.
Friend tell me there is no moiré filter on s52x, is it too noticeable when shooting in Raw video on an external recorder? And is it hard to remove moire in davinci on video? And you bought an s52x, did the video become clearer when shooting in proress?
@@ggdfggdfgdffgfddg34 you’re welcome for the previous answer, by the way. ProRes requires additional processing power. The combination of all the data from Open Gate + ProRes isn’t currently possible.
Why is there no 6k proress in lumix 5iix? And only 5.8k on ssd. After all, the main feature of lumiks is the open gate for anamorphism. For anamorphic shooting, the reading area from the entire sensor is more important, because at 17k9 video from anamorphs comes out very wide. You know, sirui will soon introduce autofocus anamorphs, but I don’t want to cut the precious quality on the sides. Send lumix a request: need prores from the entire 3:2 sensor!
Any sensor without an antialiasing filter (also called a low pass filter), which is most sensors these days, has the potential to produce moiré. This is done because it makes the sensor slightly sharper, although some cameras, like the LUMIX S1H, have the filter because cinematographers prefer that slightly softer look. I’ve never encountered moiré myself, however. I did a video years ago where I tried to force it to be visible, comparing two cameras — one with the low pass filter and one without — and it’s really really hard to spot. Watch that video here: . For your question about removing in Resolve; I’ve never needed to try it. And shooting in ProRes doesn’t make the video “clearer”, it means you have more data (higher nitrate) so better quality, which will likely only become noticeable when you start doing hard color grading, or compositing.
Wow. This was very cool. Very interesting.
Glad you enjoyed it!
Interesting. I have been thinking about something similar ( much less professional level. ) but starting with a 4:3 open gate format . The idea is from Matthew Dangyou.
Go for it! I wanna hear what you come up with!
Brilliant use of Atomos C2C tech Joseph! Sorry, I missed you at the show.
​@@photojoseph Oh wow, that will be fantastic!
Thanks, mate! And yeah, such a bummer! But, in another month we'll be thousands of miles closer. I'm sure our paths will cross more easily then.
PhotoJoseph I’m one of those people with an aversion to vertical video 😂. I am also in IT, in Texas, so I spend some time in my day job blocking TikTok from being able to enter corporate networks (there is a state ban on TikTok). Vertical is just not the way I want to watch a video.. however, some of your uses of vertical have been really good. For instance, your overhead cam, doing a right third in 16x9 video is a great idea! Or if you’re bringing in multiple guests etc.. so being able to shoot high quality vertical does have its place.. even for those of us who don’t want to watch vertical video 😁
@@JakeGuptill wow. Pandering pansies.
@@photojoseph apparently, Montana governor signed a bill into law Wednesday banning tiktok outright in the entire state. With $10,000 per day fine penalties. Oofta!
@@photojoseph I understand the ban.. it’s literally spyware.. not the creepy kind that just listens to you to try to tailor ads, but the state sponsored kind that is actually spying on you.. so I get it.. The state ban doesn’t go as far to ban personal use.. just use on government devices and vendors doing electronic business with government entities, as well as critical infrastructure like power, water, etc. But a lot of companies want to protect their intellectual property as well, so they block it.
Haha thanks for the compliment! Now I just have to get the rest of the state to agree 😂 But seriously … I didn’t realize it was banned there. NO COMMENT.
This is awesome - how would it work the other way around? Open gate horizontal?
@@photojoseph got it - that makes sense!
Regardless - I shout m43 with a LUMIX G9 but this whole open gate 6K convinced me to finally get a new camera 💖
Thanks! Then the problem would be that the proxy would only be 1080 tall for a 1920 delivery. That’s why we shot vertical!
You really, trying to get me to spend money on this setup. Blocking this channel for 2 weeks, lol.
hahaha that's funny… and two weeks is good. It'll probably be that long before my next video that'll make you want to spend more money 😁
Great information bro, I love the whole Atomos C2C ecosystem of products, we use them often in our workflow.
Thanks for the footage man! It's such a great technology… now I'm looking for more excuses to use it!
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