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Atomos Shogun Inferno UNBOXING ► With Accessory Kit!

Photo Moment - July 12, 2018

Sean got a new Shogun Inferno with the accessory kit… wanna see what comes in the box?

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really disappointed with this shogun coz I got twice motherboard broken thats make the screen totally blackout. this company helps me to repair for the first time broken, but I lose my time and shooting schedule for 3 month repairing time. And now a got the second time same problem with this Atomos Shogun Inferno.
Wow that sucks… I hadn’t heard that before.
You dudes are way too funny for me. I'm just looking for information.
@PhotoJoseph - PLEASE HELP!
I have the GH5 and the Vlog upgrade. I really am confused about what Atomos to get.
Shogun Inferno? Ninja Inferno? Wait for the Ninja V?
One big consideration is that I live in South Florida, where most shooting will be done, lots of it outside. So I believe "nits" is an issue.
Relatively new to advanced amateur/pro work, So I am I afraid "I don't know what I don't know."
When will I need SDI? Is HDMI alone going to work, or will i be unable to "grow" without SDI??
And is Atmos the only way to go to record maximum bitrates?
Primary difference between Ninja Inferno and Shogun Inferno is the Shogun has SDI, which means it can support ProRes RAW. The GH5 doesn’t do ProRes RAW or have SDI, so the Ninja is fine, unless you plan on adding a bigger camera like an EVA1 to your kit in the near future. The Ninja V is a great option (or will be). It’s shipping in a few weeks, and Caleb Pike on DSLR Video Shooter just released a video which I haven’t watched yet, but I expect that it’s a great product. And yes, “nits” is the screen brightness. The more the better for outdoor shooting. You may still want a hood though.
I noticed in the video you were live mixing, would you care to share the kind of setup you had and what you needed to pull off the live mixing, if you do not mind sharing. I would like to try it out with live events if it works. Thank in advance
Check out his other videos. He made one already. It's a pretty intense setup!
I’ve actually done several videos on my live stream setup, and I’m sorry to say that it’s much more complex than it appears! Watch this video first and from there, here’s a three-part very detailed look at my setup (although it’s over a year old now and some details have changed).
You'd think they would bundle the XLR Breakout cable in the Atomos Accessory kit for Ninja Inferno owners?
Can any of the Infernos record GH5s frame rates higher than 60fps? Say, 120fps, 240fps?
It can’t record more than the camera can record internally — that has to do with the camera processor. Basically the recorded will capture whatever the camera can send. One exception though is a combination… the camera internally can do UHD30p 10-bit or UHD60p 8-bit. The Atomos however can do best of both — UHD60p 10-bit. There’s a specific setting in the camera to output that over HDMI and when you do, internal recording is disabled.

If you set the camera to VFR mode, then when shooting at a frame rate like 120, you’re actually getting the file at 30p or whatever your recording format is set to. You don’t get a file with a frame rate of 120p; you get one of 30p playing back at ¼ speed.

So in that regard, the Atomos isn’t doing anything special. It’s just recording 30p files that the GH5 is sending it.
Sean got a new Shogun Inferno with the accessory kit… wanna see what comes in the box?
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