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5× BGH1 Studio Setup — Nearly Perfect Camera!

Photo Moment - October 14, 2021

The Panasonic LUMIX BGH1 is quite nearly the perfect camera for my studio setup. I absolutely love it, and you will, too!

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For the camera that helps avoid jump cuts, do you have a strategy for aperture? Do you try to set the two main angles the same or always have the tighter shot shoot at a lower f/t stop?
@@photojoseph Thanks for the response!
The tighter shot has a shallower depth of field because it’s a tighter lens. Of course the exposure is the same, but I’m not trying to make it look like the same camera; that’d be impossible. Think about the parallax. My goal is to make it look however like I’m still looking into the lens.
5 years since I first had a consultation with you Broseph and I'm still learning.. You sir are a repository!
@@photojoseph You continue to do so.. Have deep dived into realtime Virtual Production in a big way. One of the main resons for me to get into the BGH1 was cos of the genlock, timecode & you.. And now I own 3 of them .. Thank you so much..Here..
Wow, was it so long ago already? I’m very happy to help you continue your path ☺️
What memory card/ screen monitor would you suggest for the bgh1?
Great video! Is it possible with a single Ethernet cable to power, control and most importantly record into the computer? And can I do that with multiple cameras? Thanks
@@photojoseph gotcha, good luck with your move! I’ll see if another user can test this for me and if the results are adequate enough speed-wise, I’ll let you know!
@@aristeidis2979 you’re the second person to mention this today. I wonder if there’s an update I missed — I’m mid-move so my studio is non-existent now. The option was always there to capture photos to the computer. Either they added video or I never tried. But the problem is it’s super slow. I think the Ethernet port is only 100mbps, and it’d need to be a gig to be useful for video. I want cameras with a 10Gbps Ethernet port on ‘em 😊
@@photojoseph thanks so much for the quick reply Joseph! Yes I’ve seen all your videos about the BGH1. There is one video (not sure it’s yours) that shows a drop-down option in the tether app that allows you to record to the SD card, the PC or even both. I’ve also seen a video where after recording internally, it asks if it should transfer to the computer. Have you tried any of those and do you know if they work through Ethernet?
Yes, yes, no. Recording is to the SD card. You would need either a series of HMDI capture boards or use RTSP and a decoder into your computer. Watch this video for networking setup.
Appreciate your sharing. You've helped me with my studio ideas.
Using ethernet can i record off camera?
You could if you streamed RTMP to an RTMP decoder and connected that to a recorder.
RE: BGH1 (Micro Four Thirds), how do I choose lens for small church livestreaming? Camera to Stage is 30 feet. Camera to TV (PowerPoint) is 35 feet. Stage is 10 feet wide. Livestreaming will include the speaker and TV.
Download an app like “Focal” on iOS that lets you frame a shot on the iPhone and tells you what focal length that is.
the one thing that is stopping me from getting the BGH1 is the lack of NDI...agree with you that it is nearly the perfect camera! still on the hunt for a professional video camera at this form factor for multicamera live events. the ability to control multiple cameras via the tether app is amazing. i just don't understand why Panasonic left it with RTSP. any possibility of ndi in a firmware update ? even the AG-CX10 can do ndi with an adaptor and feel they are missing out big time.
@@jackbarraball1253 no, it’s not the kind of thing they’d tell me.
​@@photojoseph I don't suppose you ever heard back from them about if it would be something that could be upgraded to ? tried messaging Panasonic support but did not get much of a clear response
@@photojoseph thanks for asking them! please could you keep us informed if they come back to you about adding NDI via a paid firmware update? Yeah i Know. Would happily pay for the ability to license NDI on them, as would mean i wouldn't have buy sdi cables and all the stuff needed to integrate that into my workflow. Havel also messaged support asking , but not heard anything back. I'd go buy a set of BGH1's in a heartbeat if i can get NDI support on them. I think it would be a total game changer.
NDI has to be licensed and costs $$. I’ve asked if it could be added with a paid firmware update. You should tell Pana support this is something you want. They need to hear it a lot.
Very Informative! Great great video!!!
I think I've watched this about 5 times now. Waiting for my 4 BGH1's to show up :)
Haha that’s awesome! Thanks for watching!
Please do a follow up video on your lens choice for these five cameras
@@photojoseph Do you use speed boosters then? Sometimes or all the time. I'm trying to decide if I should go with MFT lenses or speed boost and adapt FF lenses
I change lenses depending on the project. The only ones that don’t change are the front wide and tight shots — which are now a pair of matching Panasonic 35-100/2.8
I’ve recently been researching the BGH1 and BSH1 for my home studio. While I have learned quite a bit from your channel of these cameras, you have also expanded my understanding of how to manage the cameras. More importantly, you have also expanded my understanding of balancing settings to manage flicker on video shots (e.g. setting at 221 for shooting the ATEM mini ISO extreme). Thanks!
Awesome! BTW the flicker rate seems to change… I think the brightness of the buttons affect it. I’ve had to recalibrate it several times.
Reach behind you lol
Я бы это назвал - деньги из жопы
некоторые из нас усердно работают и реинвестируют в наш бизнес
Sorry, but I didn’t quite understand what scenarios for using this installation? For shooting YouTube, 2 cameras are enough, one is rolled up and the other is frontal. The only thing that comes to my mind is in film studios with green chroma key. But even there it is thought out in advance what should be in the frame and everything is calculated. Is it very expensive for videoconferencing? Please tell us about real application scenarios. Who is yours in the studio?
I guess you’re new here. This “scenario” is literally my own studio. I use it for YouTube videos (some content can use more than two angles; go figure!), client videos, live production, and so-on. This isn’t fictitious. This is MY studio, MY setup, and I use it nearly every day.
When you "opened up the aperture" did you do it on the camera or through the computer? If on camera, was there a monitor attached? I only asked because you did it really fast!!
Hm, not sure where you mean. Got a time stamp? I did every camera adjustment through the Lumix Tether app though.
I've been watching all of your videos on the BGH1 and the BS1H and they are incredibly helpful. We currently run two Blackmagic Cinema 4Ks and a basic PTZ camera through a Blackmagic ATEM for our events. Camera control through the ATEM is great but I would love to have the more full-featured control that you see through the BGH1 ethernet control. 

Question: are there any auto power-on options for BGH1 or BS1H? Our BMCC4Ks currently turn on/off when power is supplied via the AC adapter, which happens automatically with a power relay we have set up. The BMCC4Ks have the physical power on/off switch, though, whereas the BGH1 has a button. For volunteers that run the setup, I'd prefer for the cameras just to come on instead of requiring them to reach over a balcony railing to power them on or access the power on via the app.
Dude, you should be using NDI with OBS.
LOL um, no. My use exceeds the network bandwidth of NDI and the capabilities of OBS by a factor of a gazillion. I outgrew OBS nearly a decade ago.
Thank you, I’m getting my first of 10 of them, long way to go, right?
TEN?! Well done, Pete. Well done.
What model are those blackmagic recorders? It seems 3/1 rack size , but I couldn’t find these on official website that comes with same size and capable of recording 2160p.
Any degradation of quality when passing hdmi->sdi converter-> long sdi cable to the recorder compared to internal recording? Thanks!
@@photojoseph thanks!
It's the "Studio HD Plus", which is a stupid name because it makes it sound like it only does HD! Here's a link — And no degradation of quality, no.
And again another great video. Thanks for the time spent on it. I have referred you to many.
Awesome, thank you!
I found this very informative! Thanks Joseph. I have a question regarding transitions and cuts. I like the cut and transition functions of the ATEM Mini Pro. Is there a way do that via tether app? I love the functionality of adjusting the settings to ALL cameras from the computer. No need for a cameraman to change those settings!

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Thanks for watching. There’s no switching capabilities in the tether app as it’s not a switching app — what you see in the app is not a broadcast quality image, it’s just a preview.
As a working commercial photographer, I would have to say this is one of the best videos on a box camera. Not only did you point out a few features, you most importantly showed in a workflow. I far to often see "reviews" etc showing whats in the box (I freaking hate) and just measurebation on specs and pointing to things. A good example, I once saw a famous youtuber review the Sony A9 and say "I dont know why they have ethernet, such an old thing, usb is the new fastest" Nay I say, when I shoot runway, me and my crew use the ethernet port to push files to our back end tech as we shoot! No card dumps, and select images are being processed and upload to the venues website, instagram etc.. sorry going far off base, all in all, great job showing how a professional my use the equipment in a real working enviroment.
Thank you Michael! “Measurebating”; I love it 😂😂 Yeah I wish ALL cameras had network ability!! It’s truly amazing what you can do. Thanks for watching!
How good of a mini pc do you think is needed to control 2-3 BSH1 cameras in a webcam style via a PoE network? Was thinking of getting an AMD 5700G APU (8-core/16-thread) CPU + 32GB of DDR4 3200Mhz of RAM to do such a thing. Is it enough?
Mine is literally the cheapest I could find. Check the software specs before buying but the app isn’t doing all that much so it doesn’t need much power. I running it this way was one of the best decisions ever. Being able to almost instantly connect from any device is phenomenal. I even regularly connect remotely!
One quick question (might be answered already...) - Does the Lumix Tether support Zoom on the Olympus EZ lenses? thanks!
@@photojoseph thanks!!!!
Yea it does
Thanks for the video. That's why i like Panasonic for their connectivity. I want at least two BGH1's.
Panasonic The Best..!!! Great Video Thanks.
I agree! ☺️
The stuff at the background...I would feel like being in heaven if I was there.
Thank you for this informative video! I wonder whether you use POE to power the BGH1 and why or why not. Also can computer access the 4k video stream via Ethernet. I believe GH5II with its 1.1firmware can output 4k via USB to Ethernet dongle as a RTSP stream. Not sure about BGH1 but if that is possible, you can even simplify the routing by using a computer to record all 5 cameras at the same time. Cheers
@@frankluo230 that it is. And please remember, this video is NOT telling people how THEY should set up their studio. This video is all about MY setup and the reasons I made the decisions I did.
@@photojoseph One doesn't have to go that high to get most out of it. I mean lots of people only need 2-3cameras with H264 4k stream. POE+ one cable for data power and control is immensely intriguing.
Didn’t say it was. But a computer that can capture five ProRes 4K HEVC RTSP streams at once isn’t average either.
@@photojoseph thanks Joseph. Hyperdeck is a step above not for average content creators.
I do power by PoE+ (I am quite sure I talked about that in this video as it’s a core component of my setup), and yes you can get a local RTSP stream to 4K. If you went full bandwidth you’d need sufficient bandwidth and power to capture those files to your hard drive. And of course a way to remotely start and stop recording. I like my HyperDeck setup. It’s rock solid reliable and the entire system isn’t reliant on a single computer (aka a single point of failure).
Will the BHG1 + Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm lens work with the Lumix Tether Software?
@@biakhleisang no worries and all cameras have some latency
@@photojoseph Thanks. I heard there is some
Latency with the BGH1 and idk if I should worry about that. Any thought on that?
@@biakhleisang I’d stick with the BGH1 for church live streaming. You’ll want the deeper depth of field. And the cost is half.
@@photojoseph Thank you for your response. Do you recommend this camera for Church Broadcasting? Is it worth the upgrade to BS1H over BGH1 for live streaming?
yes it will!
This is one of so many awesome videos you put out there...thanks so much! One question: I am considering building the BGH1 for an installation (I have 3 personal ones for location shooting) - is there any issue with leaving them on at all times? I usually put things together and break down but this would be something closer to "anyone can record at any time" so I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to that. Naturally the ATEM is built with that in mind but not sure about the BGH1...thanks!
@@photojoseph Thanks so much! I'm definitely going with the now.
It's fine to leave it on all the time. I sleep mine at night through the app, but leaving them on is fine. I left a GH4 on for five years straight, no problem!
Why not just keep the USB-C cable connected to your computer for file transfer? Is that a slow transfer as well?
That might work but these are five cameras at considerable distance from the computer.
the price.... mmhh i preferred take nikon Z6.
@@fabmartel that little camera is no longer made. It is controllable via an ATEM, not the network. It doesn’t have shutter angle/syncroscan nor PoE power. No custom WB and a sensor that is horrible at anything other than 0db gain. It’s AF is utterly useless. In 4K it’s barely passable. Sorry… no comparison.
@@photojoseph right.
i see the blackmagic micro is very similar on this little box. But they are no longer on their site.. i hope update this little box cam over ethernet.
@@fabmartel BGH1: Power over Ethernet. Controllable via computer over network. Timecode input. Shutter angle and synchroscan. I showed all of these features, and explained why they’re important in this setup. I’m assuming by this point you didn’t actually watch the video or you wouldn’t be comparing these two cameras.
@@photojoseph mmhh for me no, what expect you for your better image ? large sensor (for the light in the dark), many pixels (details), i good mount lens for mount the good lens, record interne with sd card 4K and/or stream over hdmi in my atem mini pro extreme.
for the same price ;-) who can do more can do less.
Lumix BS, it is very expensive for spec .
A completely and totally different camera for different uses.
Yea, someone who hates jump cuts. I hate jump cuts too!
Would it be possible to have microphones and possible multiple microphones covered for BGH1 ? Thanks a lot.
@@photojoseph sorry Joseph. I meant that it would be nice to have a video covering BGH1 and microphones. For instance if you want to have two persons or more speaking with inputs going on different XLR and so on. Thanks a lot.
I don’t know what you mean. Covered? Please explain.
Great video thanks! Do you think they're a way to trigger sync start/stop multiple BGH1 using timecode or gen lock port? If I have 3 camera on set, pressing REC on One could start the 2 others perfectly in sync? Is that possible? This way all 3 video files start at the same time.
Not that I know of. Genlock doesn’t carry a start/stop signal. Recorders can be told to start recording when timecode rolls, but I don’t think the cameras can do that. You can trigger multiple cameras simultaneously from the LUMIX Tether app, however it’s not meant to be frame accurate so probably isn’t. But of course if they all have the same timecode then syncing is of course trivial. I’d try the app to trigger them and see how close to same-frame start that is. BTW if you join the channel as a member you will have access to a private Discord server which could be a good place to ask questions like this, and of course you’ll be helping support the channel! Details at
I’m planning to do a 4x BGH1 setup but the one camera I have now is using 40% of my GPU video decode at 4K. How are you able to get 5 cameras into OBS without frame drop?

Thanks for a great review!
@@photojoseph thank you! Unfortunately I’m stuck using OBS so I will have to go to HD.
Because I don’t use OBS. If you want to live stream that many cameras, buy an ATEM.
Something weird going on with your audio in this video. Sounds like your highs and lows are cutting out randomly.
I had issues; see the pinned comment
Hi, can I do the same things with the Lumix gh5 II? Also zoom with the Panasonic H-PS14042E-K Power Zoom lens, 14-42mm? thank you
Yes you can, and you can even use a USB to Ethernet adapter on the GH5 II. You don’t get PoE power though. Otherwise it’s the same.
i want one so bad!
Just one? 😁
Amazing review, just exact what i'm looking for! Thank you very much Joseph.
My pleasure
Thank you for hating jump cuts.
If you have them all hooked to the network via Ethernet, do you not even have to use the timecode/genlock settings on these? That’s the reason I really like these! The fact that you have those BNC’s and if you have a MOTU interface… BAM!!!
@@photojoseph any recommendations for that part?
@@ThisIsLeeBird they have genlock and timecode in and out but that’s just a pass through. You need a timecode generator to keep multiple items in sync.
@@photojoseph MOTU 16A audio interface. For those of us that run table top “podcast” mic style set ups lol. I think I’m getting three of these cameras though! Love the video 👍
@@photojoseph the blackmagic design Um hyperdeck? One of the models will send timecode and genlock I believe?
MOTU? You still need timecode and genlock if you want timecode and genlock. Those aren’t communicated over Ethernet. That’d be amazing but there’s no way that could be accurate enough. IP Networks are designed for congestion and to redeliver dropped data; timecode has to be 100% accurate and on time or it’s useless. Still, I love the idea!!
Thx for this very clear explanation.
Adding the need of a PTZ cam in a similar setup, how would you sort this?
A gimbal for one of the 5 or a Panasonic PTZ and balancing those?
Best regards,
@@emailkochtopf I’m scheduled to reach out this week. It will be a month at least before a video is released. If you can’t wait, check out
I'm about to build such a studio in Q1, could you be little more precise when.... you tell more about this solution,
it shall be a Studio like yours in terms of setup, but added PTZ and some decoration will replace your nice shelf behind you ;-) even if we'd like to have some of the gear placed in your shelf .
Awesome question. In Q1 of this year (2022) I will potentially be working with a company on a video to highlight their PTZ for BGH1 solution!
Hi Joseph, I just bought a POE + switch from Netgear GS308
The camera works and the network lamp is on.
But in the Lumix software I only see one camera at a time.
Can you help me with that
Ok, you need to configure each camera individually first. It can be a little finicky getting it set up to be honest but once configured it works great. Here’s a guide on that: — also be sure you have latest camera firmware and latest multicam software. Once configured, if a camera ever drops offline or doesn’t show up, refresh the camera list in the app first, and if that still doesn’t show, restart the app, and last resort, reboot that camera. Each update has improved this but it still happens sometimes. I sleep my cameras when I’m not using them and nearly never have to reboot anything anymore.
It's like bmcc studio 4kpro
For what I’m doing, BGH1 or BS1H. You have far more control over the cameras on the network. If only doing live in HD through an ATEM, then the BMPCC are great.
If you has the opportunity would you prefer bmcc studio or Panasonic bs1h?
Your videos look absolutely ridiculous, never apologize for how you make it so awesome. If you didn't pay so much attention to detail and obsess about how to make it better, we wouldn't be here watching videos like these. Talk about being an Ambassador for Panasonic, I'd love to see someone do Sony or Canon content that looks that good. M43 all the way
You rock Kevin, thank you.
Are you limited to using only 4 3rds lenses, or can you use lenses with different mounts? How do lens mount adapters affect the image quality?
Great question. I did quite a few videos ages ago on this, but here’s the good and the bad news. You can adapt nearly anything to MFT, and cheaply buy adapters to do it. The bad news is that most lenses worth adapting are full frame, so become 2x the focal length, and you’re cropping past what could be the most characteristic part of the lenses (the edges). Search Amazon/google for any mount to MFT/M43, eg “EF to MFT” / “EF to M43” and see what you find. There’s also a few focal reducer lens adapters that will help alleviate the crop; a few years ago the Sigma 18-35 on EF mount plus a focal reducer was the lens combo MFT enthusiasts raved about.
I have a question I haven't found an answer to. Can an ATEM trigger the tally light on the BGH1?
No, unfortunately.

After watching your video I have decided to buy several BGH1s for my studio! Some will be ceiling mounted and in hard to reach places. I agree that a network file transfer would be so useful. Have you heard of any future updates about this?

Apologies for the late reply — my gmail filters that highlight these messages disappeared and I just found out!

All I know is that Panasonic is aware of the desired feature. Sadly I have nothing more to report than that. 

— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Absolutely brilliant video (and the others too).  Really appreciate the detail and tone of them.  Superb.

I’m thinking of buying 3-4 BGH1s for a unique feature doc set up that will run for a year. I’d connect them into a computer via ethernet and switcher. Ideally avoiding the Atem if not needed (as much as I love them)

One thing I really want is for the Lumix Teather software to show the visual feed of all cameras simultaneously (given we might have a variety of people triggering the system and need it to be easy to see all camera feeds are working).

I think you might of touched on this in a comment about in regards to setting up each camera (replying to  Robin Kirchhofer) 

Can you confirm, can you set up cameras in a way that allows you to see a multi-cam styled live view of all cameras in the Lumix Teather app?  

Was thinking of a work around using OBS to be able to preview all cameras, but then making sure record is triggered on all cameras from the Lumix Teather app, but it feels messy.  Hoping it can all be done in the Teather App.  Thanks again!  


Unfortunately you can't. The bandwidth that each stream takes is surprisingly high, and I'm not sure if it's even possible to reduce that given the rest of the camera's configuration. This would definitely be a great feature to have, and I promise that Panasonic knows this. Unfortunately this is one I'd not count on happening. 

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