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NEW Anamorphic SIRUI Cinema Lenses!

Photo Moment - August 25, 2021

There's never been a better (or more affordable) time to get into anamorphic cinematography. Check out this new four-lens kit from SIRUI!

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I used the new Freewell Magnetic filter system a bunch making this SIRUI video! Check those out here:
Photo Joseph is the product of subject matter expert meets skilled teacher who has mastered the art of visual presentation!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thank you kindly 😊
Can you replace the ring MFT ring mount for another mounts?
No, SIRUI lenses don’t do that AFAIK but you should check with them.
Your knowledge is amazing, becouse of you speen though, I have to repeat every thing 4 times. THANKS A LOT
4.20 so I don’t have a benefit with shooting on a 4:3 sensor (5DMkiii)?
1:33 squeeze is designed for 16:9 shooting. You certainly can shoot full sensor but you end up with about a 16:9 final image. Usually people want more wider when shooting anamorphic.
Hello, I'm a bit late to the party however I hope you can point me in the right direction to research my problem. I would like to learn how to calculate using the 50mm Anamorphic lens on my GH6 camera and create my little projects on Davinci Resolve.

I would be most grateful if you could point me towards any web pages that teach me how to convert the final frame width percentages along with all the other calculations that you have made.
For some reason, and no matter how hard I try I can not get the links to the Anamorphic Calculator or Anamorphic Aspect Ratio calculator to work, even if I go onto the Anamorphic Cookbook YouTube channel. The links never go anywhere.

@PhotoJoseph Hello, and thank you so much for checking your links.

I can confirm that I live in the UK and if I use my home broadband connection on your YouTube channel, then the link does not work. However if I use my phone and connect to my Telephone provider with 4G then I can access the web link and more importantly I can use the Aspect Ratio calculator to work out the Timeline settings and the Footage Rescale for my Davinci Resolve projects.

Thank you so much. That has indeed been a massive help. I've had my Siuri 50mm lens for a year now and because I could not quite work out the correct settings for the Timeline, the lens has been gathering dust while I fester on how to best use it.

May I ask if there is anywhere that I can look online for how to make these calculations myself rather than using the calculator?
Odd that the links don’t work for you. I just tested and they’re fine. What county are you accessing from? Maybe try a different browser? Go to this same video on my webpage and try the links from there.
All those LED lights are distracting.
fantastic!! thank you!!
Right on! Did that answer all your anamorphic questions?
Can I use GH6 in open gate 4:3 just to get regular 16:9 "sort-of-8K" image but with anamorphic flares, bokeh and perspective compression? How would these features look like at 16:9 aspect ratio?
Just found you by accident. Are you the guy from the below video (link)? Thanks a lot for your contribution.

This video also rocks.
Yo, Joseph, thxs for this great presentation. I really learned a lot !!!! and I highly appreciate your moderation style, no boring teaching but rather sharing really interesting stuff.
I was about to purchase 1 or 2 anamorphic lenses from Sirui. Then I run into your video and learned about the MARS collection. For me it is more of a shortcoming Sirui to sell only the entire set of 4 lenses. I'ld rather prefer to start with one lense or a 2-set lenses.
Curently, I own a GH5 and I am about to invest into a GH6, when it shows up (hopefully Q1/2022). So, honestly, as attractive this set might look - purchasing a GH6 and the set of 4 lenses is a show stopper. I am sure a lot of people are waiting for the GH6, too.

Sirui's approach to sell sets, only doesn't appear too smart to me - since users will invest into the GH6 I doubt there will be much money left for an entire set.
Thanks, and be sure to let SIRUI know how you feel!
Great video Joseph!
Thank you!
I want to see the workflow soon
Next week!
That does look like a nice set of lenses - cheap for anamorphic but still a bit beyond my reach - I'll have to play with my budget anamorphic 1.33 adapter instead. I ought to stop watching you videos - future me is complaining about all the money I want to spend.

Incidentally - bokeh and lens flare aren't generated by all anamorphic lenses. Movies that are going to use heavy CGI find it trickier to incorporate scenes with the lens flare into composited scenes so the anamorphic lenses were moved to behind the taking lens.

But mention anamorphic and the flares are the first thing that people think of.

You can get an adapter that mounts 42mm lenses on a Micro Four Thirds camera that will give the anamorphic squeeze - a bit like only the horizontal but of a focal reducer/speed booster. These are behind the M42 taking lens so don't give the flares and bokeh (flares could be added in using a streak filter though)
All good info!
I've heard that the 50mm, like the stills version, is still a little bluer than the others, despite the new coatings. Was that your experience?
It is bluer still, big failure from Sirui there.
How come that you have 2 shots of Maribor in there? Actualy 3. Do you live here?
@AwesomeSauce nice! I’m American; I live in Oregon now. My wife is from Svečina (Kungota). We were just there visiting family but we’re moving to Maribor in two years. Hit me up on Twitter; let’s stay in touch!
@PhotoJoseph Yes, I am. I'm like a couple of km out of Maribor and when I saw the shot's in your video I got excited as it would be great to get to know someone who really knows what he is doing in regard to film making,... My YT channel is on hiatus for years now, but I love to drool over filmmaking gear and lenses ;). Hey, if you ever move here, I know a couple of awesome places with great food,... We love to eat well :D and have great conversations. First I thought you were from Slovenia, and I was blown away by your lack of accent, haha. If I may ask, where do you come from?
Not yet! But I was just there for a month. Are you Slovenian?
Wow! You really did schelp a lot of gear with you. Stick with that wife of yours. She love you! 😉
That's the plan! haha… yeah that was a TON of gear to carry over, but it was worth it. Thanks for watching!
I shoot almost exclusively with the Sirui lens set. They are incredibly good budget anamorphic lenses. Legit the best in the price range, hands down.

It's a VERY good time to get into anamorphic shooting
@PhotoJoseph yes! This is what I need. I can never get the right shutter speed.

@Afotey Annum (Per Annum Media) right on man! Just peeked at a few of your videos. Can I give you an unsolicited tip? A lot of your night scenes in slow motion have flicker. Check out this video on why it happens and how to avoid it. Not possible at some frame rates but best to avoid when you can:
@PhotoJoseph yup! Been using your GH5 tips and tricks to help create content on my channel for YEARS. Legit.

Anxious to see what else you do now that you've had a taste of anamorphic shooting with the Sirui lenses!

What game changers, no? Really inexpensive single focus anamorphic lenses of this quality (SOOOO sharp wide open!) were unheard of two years ago.

We are all SPOILED as content creators lolz
That’s awesome to hear! Is your work here on YouTube?
Very cool! I have a set of the SLR Magic PL Anamorphot lenses and paid way more for those than these are going for. Very cool stuff.
Nice! Yeah I’ve heard many people say these are overpriced… they clearly don’t understand what they are getting!!
Nicely done!
Thank you sir!
Really nice video! =)
Much appreciated, Felipe!
Great in-depth explanation, thanks. With regards to colour matching, how close are they to eachother?
I haven't done any critical testing. Since this was a sponsored video, this wasn't a review, but an education piece. I do however intend to do some critical testing in the future on them, to see how well they back up their claims. In the car scene, I didn't notice any color differences between lenses, however that was a dark, undersaturated shoot so it's not a good comparison.
Such a shame that it’s 1.33.
2x Would look so much better
And probably a lot bigger and more expensive. This gives you the anamorphic look in an inexpensive, compact kit.
You are my YouTube professor. @photoJoseph Thanks a lot for this clear breakdown. Permit me to go a lil off topic. Ive been trying to find the right 2.5mm cable that allows the Ninja V to control the BGH1. I would love a demonstration if it is possible. Thanks
@PhotoJosephgreat, thanks
Ah, I see. that’s interesting about the Z-Cam though. It’d be great to be able to control the camera from the Ninja V. I’ll have to look into that, and talk to my friends at ATOMOS!
@PhotoJoseph oops. I saw something like that with the z-cam and Ninja V. A cable makes control possible along with ISO and other settings.I thought it would have been nice for easier control on the BGH1 when shooting raw. I saw your video with the manfrotto device controlling the BGH1 but that’s not so practical without the right lenses and not really possible on a run and gun set up. I just wanted easy access to settings in raw without connecting to a computer. I’m new to Panasonic, I guess the BGH1 isn’t best to start with but I’m loving it a lot just wanted to catch up faster before I’ll have to do real projects with it. Thanks a lot for the reply.
Thanks Alec, that's much appreciated. To your question — you don't control the camera from the Ninja; what is it you're trying to do?
Hot! 🔥
I concur! 😁
Great review of great lens set.
Thanks! 👍
That focus breathing is pretty pronounced! 😳 Great presentation, Joseph, thanks!
Glad you liked it! It is, but I think that's pretty expected. Especially in anamorphic.
Good information about aspect ratios. Compared to the Cine lens, the Sirui package is attractive, although for the Lumix user it is a lot of money.
Thanks for watching. I disagree on the cost assessment though. There’s nothing even close to this price point for anamorphic. The fact that you can shoot anamorphic now with $1,000 (per lens) and a sub-$2,000 camera is phenomenal. Sure if you’re coming from the approach of a $500 camera then this seems expensive, but the lenses aren’t for that market. They’re for users pushing what they can do with a small mirrorless camera, providing an option that simply didn’t exist before.
My head a splode
Hehe hopefully you can put it back together 😁
Cool look!
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