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4K Live Cropping ▶︎ 1080p Pan and Zoom from a Locked Camera Shot

Photo Moment - December 21, 2018

Many LUMIX cameras (GH5, GH5S, G9, and even some point-and-shoots) can perform a live zoom and pan to a 1080p video stream from the 4K sensor while recording a 20 or 40 second clip. Let's see how it works, and talk about where you'd use it!

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Many LUMIX cameras (GH5, GH5S, G9, and even some point-and-shoots) can perform a live zoom and pan to a 1080p video stream from the 4K sensor while recording a 20 or 40 second clip. Let's see how it works, and talk about where you'd use it!

Watch the Q&A video here:
1. you loose bitrate if you do it in post.
2. It is unfortunatate that this feature doesnt support 10bit 422...
This is sucj a brilliant, simple, explanation of how to use this really complicated piece of equipment which I feel like I have no idea of what I'm doing everytime I pick it up!
Thanks man - excellent video
thanks for explaining. I find this to be a good feature in a pinch but no way replaces the look of a real manual hand held or gimbaled pan/zoom/push etc.
Thank you for making this!
my pleasure!
I really like this feature . Does any Sony , Canon or Fuji Mirroless or DSLR support his feature ? ( i need the final out put at least in 1080p)
Please let me know the models if you know . Thanks in advance !
I know the LUMIX cameras support this, that’s all
PhotoJoseph damn love this feature specially for super macro footage as it’s nearly impossible to pan in that close range. Too bad most lumix cameras have a ridiculous crop factor forcing me to move to Sony or Canon
Surely it's better to do it in post, as you will be filming the whole scene? By cropping in, you might miss something that you could have saved by doing in post?
Sure, for ultimate flexibility, I totally agree. But a lot of people use it to get the shot straight out of camera. Then they don't have to deal with 4K files, no additional editing, etc. I know some folks who use it for social media stuff, too. Do it all in-camera, transfer to your phone, and post without editing.
@PhotoJoseph Yeah, really good point. Thanks
My pleasure!
best explanation on Panasonic 4k live cropping
Glad I could help!
Very helpful. It doesn't seem like the newest version of the firmware gives you any control over the format. Once you press 4K, it doesn't matter what format rec or quality you're in, and the same with output, it seems to output MP4, AVCHD, 28 Mbps,1920 x 1080. The manual seems to suggest you have a choice of output formats. What's your understanding? Does it auto set the default video to only one flavor of MP4?
Just want to be sure I'm not missing something here.
Thank you.
Which camera? Features are never taken away in firmware updates but not all models have the same options.
I've only just worked out how to find and use this feature (Lumix TZ80) but, can anyone tell me what it's best used for? (Newbie here)
Pushing into the shot in camera so you don't have to shoot 4K and do it in post
Wanting a small pocket larger sensor to compliment my fuji x100, I've searched long and hard, the lumix lx100 has the manual control I love, but although a m4/3 sensor an g1.7 at its fastest is lower resolution and doesn't use all the sensor anyway, although bigger than a 1inch, the actual zoom isn't quite enough, I've searched long and hard.
I'll probably get this one over the tz200 simply because in 4k video 37-300 ish is enough, plus its slightly faster at the wide end.
And of course the price, sony rx100 is way to expensive if you want a viewfinder mk111 and above and limited zoom, fractionally wider 24mm but you cant have everything.
I've got DSLR and the lumix fz1000 but they wont fit in a pocket or small bag.
So I'm pretty much sold on the tz100,
Joseph, would you suggest to Panasonic that it would be awesome to add a loop function this would be great for interviews. Setup one camera locked and then live cropping panning back and forth. Wondering anyone has thought off this?
I like it!
Great idea
wish it was possible to change the crop orientation for IG stories
Rotate. Camera. Here, watch this:
The Idea is to use the in camera 4K live cropping to create a super smooth horizontal pan of the vertical 1080 * 1920 crop.
And if you rotate the camera to do it you loose horizontal pixel width to pan through.
Compared to 3840 in 16:9 you get 2880 tops in 1:1 ratio with the rotated camera.
So while it is possible to rotate your camera, you loose 25% of the possible pan, which is a lot, considering the 4K mode already introduces a huge crop factor.
Ahh, I see. Yes, that would be cool. Guess you’ll have to do it in post then. Have you tried LumaFusion? Fantastic iOS video editor if you’re trying to stay mobile.
Well it is amazing
this is an awesome feature.. thank you.. my imagination is stirring with thoughts on how to creatively use this feature... Thank you.
Awesome! I love to hear that.
This is a great in-camera technique. I only wish Sony cameras had this feature. It's like having a slider without an actual slider.
Cool old school, post with 20 pixels raw might be nice too. It can all change anytime with a hard drive direct to the sensor. 20 mp raw direct to raid drives. We love the wait !
Reminds me of director macro media, shockwave beta team here ! I used to sell software to macro media when there was 10 people in the company ! Old San Fran, software days !
Another obvious benefit is that you do not want to deal with 4K files at the time. This allows you to record 10:80 and do some amazing stuff. Also, if I tried to do this kind of push or pan by hand using the zoom sleeve on the lens, there is no way I would get it that smooth. It's like having a digital quick'n'dirty motor driven slider as well. This is so very cool. I am definitely gonna start using it on my G9. Great work man. Excellent demo.
Yes, that was very helpfull. I didn't realise that I could assign the button dial for video functions. So my new setup is: bottom=ex tel conv, top=video record, left=digital zoom, right=is lock. As far as i know the digital zoom also punches in up to the sensor size and then thereafter it interpolates. so i can use the 12mm 1.4 prime as as 24mm 1.4 prime for video. How did you assign the other 3 buttons on the dial? Thanks (update: comment refers to your episode on using 1080p for vlogging)
I’d recommend avoiding using digital zoom. As you mention it scales so that’s not good. The other buttons for me are for stills work on the G9; I think. The truth is I change them a LOT. Just depends on what I’m doing at the time!
Another great feature well explained.
What mode do you use for continuous auto focus in video? "AFC" or "AFS/AFF"?
Awesome!! ... I love my G9!
I fucking love my G9 too.

Most underrated camera of 2018.
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