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Version 3.6 Reprocessing old RAW Version 5 images renders SmartFolder EXIF search useless #1
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by tampaappleman
November 25, 2014 - 10:29pm

My Situation: I have more than 21,000 images in one project slitted up in 123 smart folders where the search criteria are: 1. EXIF Capture month of year, 2. EXIF Capture day of month, 3. EXIF Capture year. The results showed all my images taken on a specific day in the actual time zone ( I traveled in 5 different time zones of a period of four month ). All images were taken and imported into Aperture in Aperture 3.5. All was fine until I reprocesses all my images with the new RAW Engine 6.0 in Aperture 3.6


After reprocessing the unchanged parameters in my smart folders will not show the reprocessed images unless I omit EXIF search criteria 2. and 3. Very strangely the missing images will show if I just search for the  EXIF Capture month of year. However that defeats the purpose of my smart folders.


Does anybody know what is going on here? I need to be able to display all my images taken on the day of CAPTURE DAY OF MONTH >NOT by date< since this will give me inaccurate results due to the different time zones involved.

Somehow the reprocessing breaks the EXIF data sorting that’s all I have found out yet. The total number of images in my project is unchanged and correct but I can’t sort them by EXIF Capture month, day and year.

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