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Text entry issues on iOS #1
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by Chris Biele
November 16, 2013 - 2:29am

** Previously called “Follow / Share bar detaches on iOS. “

Sorry about the bodiless post for the last 8 hours. I tried typing an entry using iOS from my bed last night but after struggling with the text entry for about 15 minutes, Safari finally force quit on me, deleting everything!

Here is a list of problems I found using the text entry on iOS:

* Follow / Share bar detaches

When activating the keyboard by tapping in a text box the Follow / Share buttons detach from the bottom and hover above other page elements. In Safari the buttons detach and hide behind the keyboard until scrolling the page up, then it creeps up with the page. In Chrome the buttons detach and appear at the top of the keyboard. They then stay in that spot as you scroll the page. They pop back into place upon deactivating the keyboard.

This is a little hard to explain, but you can see the screen grabs here:

* Moving cursor freezes text entry

When moving the cursor to another point in the text, text entry is disabled. The only workarounds I found were to paste in whatever was in the clipboard and then delete it before continuing typing, or hit ’Done’ on the keyboard and then tap back into the text entry field. Only tested this in Safari.

* Main header menu detaches

I just discovered this now. Not sure what I did but the ApertureExpert menu bar just detached as well and appeared over the text entry field (similar to above follow / share issue). The follow / share buttons are still detached as well, but they moved down the page.

* ‘Go’ in Subject field keyboard

Pressing ‘Go’ in the Subject field saves the post, even without a Body. This is why I had a bodiless post for the last 8 hours!

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by PhotoJoseph
November 26, 2013 - 5:50am

You found some new ones there! Yeah the entire iOS experience frankly sucks for the forums, and I'm not happy about that. Not sure yet how to resolve this. Thanks for the new bugs though.

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