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Site Feedback: Advanced Search #1
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by BonnieB
August 9, 2012 - 2:18pm

1) Add search phrase rules explaining quotes / Boolean / plurals etc.

2) Toggle to check all/uncheck all boxes for “Areas”

3) Toggle to check all/uncheck all boxes for “Content Types”

4) Put the areas and types in smaller font and double column, so doesn't take up so much space before the search results begin

5) Edit and weed down the list of areas:
- Put in some order, like alphabetical or by category
- If by category, make that clear with nomenclature a la:
–Forums: User Questions
–Forums: AppleScript Support
–Live Training: Calendar
–Live Training: Catalog
–Store: Aperture Training
–Store: Adjustment Presets
–Store: Aperture Add-ons
–Store: Affiliate Store
- What is difference between Store and Store Details?
- What is difference between Aperture FAQ and FAQ?
- A couple of these areas are so short, they maybe don't need their own clickable area for search, i.e. “Viewing ApertureExpert Live Training on your iPad” or “Welcome Apple Employees”

6) Edit and weed down the list of content types:
- Are Discussion Posts the same thing as User Forum posts?
- What are Journal Entries? there are three of these types and it's not clear what that even is
- What does “Guestbook Entry” searching entail? If you search the entire site for the word 'Guestbook' there are zero results.
- What does “Page” type searching entail?
- What's the difference between Picture and Picture Gallery?
- The “Gallery” category on the top navbar goes to Flickr. Does this checkbox really search a Flickr stream?


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by PhotoJoseph
August 14, 2012 - 2:58am


See previous answer for most of these — although I will see if I can pare this down; I agree the results are bit large.


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