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Printing issue from Books #1
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by Michael Martin
April 17, 2014 - 10:31am

Hi. I use the book feature of Aperture to create multi-image prints with text overlays. It has worked well over the years but now I seem to be running into an issue and am not sure if it is Aperture or the print driver. First I create a custom sized book, 12 x 8 landscape, add images as required to one page and print. On my older iMac, this works just fine and the image is printed correctly but on my newer MacBook Retina and on two Mac Mini, it does not recognise the print orientation and prints the landscape across the bottom half of a portrait page, cutting part of the image off. If I use the scale to fit, it fits the whole image across the centre of the print leaving huge white borders top and bottom. Now I know I could create the custom books in Portrait orientation and adapt my layouts as I know this works and am prepared to do that if need be, but would rather get to the bottom of the issue.
Secondly, and I don’t know if it is related, but on the older iMac, if I choose the PDF option from the Print Dialogue window, I get loads of options including ‘PDF to folder as JPEG’, which would allow me to get around the above issue too. But on the three newer machines, and others I have looked at, there are fewer options. See images below.

Any advice on solving or explaining these to me would be much appreciated please.

Regards, Michael


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by Butch Miller
April 19, 2014 - 3:22pm

Your screen shots indicate that Aperture is trying to print your book at 204 x 152 mm … that is 8x6 inches … not the 12x8 inches you described. You may want to create a custom paper size. I have found sometimes when you transfer your personal setup from one computer to another or add a printer to a new computer, custom paper sizes don’t always make the the transfer properly … and adding a new printer to your system will not automatically know you use them.

To add a custom paper size, select Other>Manage Custom Sizes … then fill in the appropriate dimensions and details … then you will have that paper size available.

On the PDF to jpeg issue … As I recall, with one of the fairly recent updates, there was an issue where the update … or a fresh install of Aperture would not install the supporting files for PDF to jpeg.

Those supporting files are actually Automator workflow items and should be in the PDF Services folder in your System Library. (Not your User Library)

More details can be found here


Michael Martin's picture
by Michael Martin
April 27, 2014 - 4:46pm

Hi Butch.

I should have only asked one question in a post as the images were to illustrate the Automater workflows missing, thank you for that. I know the print dimensions are wrong in one of them, but even when right it is only printing correctly with the older iMac. I suspect it is a print driver issue rather than an Aperture issue though.


Thanks for your help.



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