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Import to Perfect Photo Suite or Lightroom first? #1
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by pondball
May 10, 2015 - 12:55am

I picked up On1’s Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 Premium recently and although I was intending to use it as a photo editing tool in tandem with Aperture as my cataloguing tool, as we all know Aperture was cancelled from future development so I started looking for an alternative. I have both a MBPro 13” (new) and an iMac 27” (4 years old) and was thinking I would install a version  (5 or 6) of LR on both, then store the images on the iMac, with backup on an external network drive.

There are some thoughts on the site that faster viewing and culling of my images might be better served in PPS9.5 first then the culled images exported to LR for cataloguing next. 

Does anyone follow this work flow? how does it work for you?

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by Jim Burgess
May 10, 2015 - 2:58pm

I haven’t used this approach in “production mode”, but have tested it and found that it could help in the initial culling of images. When working with RAW files, PPS9.5 uses the imbedded JPGs so browsing through a large set of RAWs is definitely faster. It also uses a clever feature so that when sending your selections to Lightroom, only the selected images (e.g. your rated images) are checked for import when you get to the LR import dialog. 

LR is notoriously slow when it comes to importing and browsing, primarily because of the inefficient way it handles previews and because you don’t have the option to use imbedded JPGs for browsing– it’s always “Loading” something. So if you work with large sets of images then PPS9.5 is certainly worth a try as a front-end to LR.

And use LR6….don’t even consider LR5… there’s lots of reasons.

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by pondball
June 28, 2015 - 5:29am

Thanks Jim

It’s been awhile since I posted to this thread but I’ve been researching different possibilities and watching various tutorials. 

I’m not sure I need any of the features of LR at this moment as it appears that I could do the following:

  • upload my RAW photos directly from Camera or Card to a network HD
  • open the files in PPS Browse module
  • categorize (using stars) and cull photos using the (as you note) faster jpg browse feature
  • edit as necessary in the various PPS modules
  • put photos in folders and/or albums
  • transfer any photos directly from PPS to Photos for sharing with family, friends, clients as well as creation of books and slideshows
  • I can then use normal backup procedures for my photo files

I’m sure I’m missing something but that so far might work as a DAM and editing

If you don't have a solution you don't have a problem!

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