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How to sync Aperture Library and actual file folders? #1
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by Hemant Anand
February 23, 2010 - 5:20am

Hello Everyone

I switched recently from Lightroom to Aperture 3.
My question is: When I delete masters and versions from inside Aperture, the actual files stored in the file folders are not deleted. It’s difficult to manually find and delete from the folders. Is there anyway in Aperture to reflect actual status between Aperture library and file folders?

e.g. from within Lightroom you can simply sync folders. Also when you delete files in Lightroom it asks if you want to delete files from the disk or not. I think it’s very useful.

I would appreciate your help in finding a solution to this in Aperture.

with best regards,

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by PhotoJoseph
February 24, 2010 - 5:59pm


I’m assuming you are working referenced; meaning that you have the master file stored in the Finder, and not in the Aperture library.

When you delete an image in Aperture 3, it’s first moved to the Aperture trash. It’s not until you empty the trash that you are asked if you want to delete the master files in the Finder.

I hope that helps (and actually sounds like a good blog post for the moment…)

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