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How to relocate referenda images (moving from Aperture to C1) #1
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by macadelic
November 19, 2017 - 3:03pm

I am moving from Aperture to C1Pro10 and did the following: Export Aperture library and import it into C1. It is my intend to have the structure as it was in Aperture: What used to be projects/albums in Aperture should now be folders. 

Now I am in the following dilemma: If I simply import my existing image structure on the harddrive then I do have my folders - but miss the metadata from Aperture.

And vice very - when I import my Apterure library into C1 my project/album structure from Apterure shows up, but only in the C1 catalog. It does not show up under Folders. 

 So how can I reach my goal? Either relocate what is there now from the aperture import into my folder structure (but I cannot find any relocation menu command)? Or find a way to import my external images in that structure but with all ITPC, EXIF, Aperture keywords?

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December 11, 2017 - 4:14pm

There are several articles on the PhaseOne site to aid you.

Consider: Since Aperture may not work for ever in future OS releases, it is best to keep files referenced rather than managed. If you intend to use some of your best images in the future, you may want to re-edit them in C1 - the RAW processor is arguably better than Aperture’s. For your sanity and peace-of-mind, I recommend ”doing it” C1’s way rather than trying to shoehorn the Aperture flow into C1. There are lots of discussions at the C1 forums to help. BTW the forums are separated by versions of C1.

Best of luck in the new year.

Bill Booth

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