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DxO Filmpack vs Silver Efex Pro #1
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by dankup
July 19, 2021 - 5:53pm


I am a using DxO PL for a few years and last year I bought DxO Filmpack.
The main reason that I bought DxO FP was that it is fully integrated in DxO PL and I can do all my edits in RAW.

My question now is what is best for B&W Silver Efex or DxO PL + FP?
What would you advice?

If I am right DxO FP has 256 shades of gray and SE has 128 shades, correct?
If yes, does this makes a difference for editing?

I enjoy all you webinars, very intersting, great job !!!
I am looking forward for a B&W webinar using DxO PL + FP. ;-)

Thanks for advising,
Kind Regards,

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