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August 30, 2014 - 10:02am

I’m curious if anyone else has the same issue…I’ve just noticed after all this time when I import into Aperture from my camera (still using Canon EOS T1i) it always shows the time as AM in the info pane from my camera even when I shoot in the evening.  My camera, for whatever odd reason, did not include an option to choose AM/PM when setting up the time in the camera menu. Is there some feature (in plain sight or “hidden”_ someone knows of where I can set the correct time of the shooting session (meaning AM or PM) in Aperture itself?  It is grayed out in the info pane so I cannot change it.  Just thought I’d throw it out.

Steve Hadeen

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by David Edge
August 31, 2014 - 2:48pm


You can batch change the time. Select the group of files you want to change and select Metadata, Adjust Date and Time. The time you change to will be applied to the highlighted image in your selection and all the others will be adjusted by an equivalent amount. So if you change the highlighted one from 09:05 to 21:05 then the one at 09:10 will change to 21:10 etc. Suggest you select “Also change the original file” as well.

That said it seems to me there’s something odd going on - might be worth asking in a Canon forum as well. I’m too young (56) to have used am/pm!


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August 31, 2014 - 10:26pm

Thanks for the tip David.  I will certainly be looking into this to do.  I did check in with a Canon forum and I feel kind of dumb for not even thinking about it but the camera is set up as a 24 hour deal.  I simply needed to set pm time for 13:00 onward…oh well.  I’m laughing at your statement as too young to have used am/pm as I’m younger than you.  I just like retro/vintage stuff and the am/pm mentality still sticks with me I guess!

Thanks again


Steve Hadeen

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