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Dark Prints and the FIX #1
Thomas Emmerich's picture
by Thomas Emmerich
March 1, 2015 - 1:42am

In an attempt to learn Lightroom, I decided to print my latest project in both Aperture and LR and compare the results. After seeing the results I realized I have a lot to learn about LR. The Aperture print came out noticeably better. The main issue was the LR print was too dark. Even after watching the first episode of TheLightRoomShow which specifically talks about this issue. Unfortunately I watched that episode too long ago to remember the recommended setting. I should have re-watched it first. The main tip they provided was to set the print brightness slider to something in the mid 20s. I didn’t set it that high and my print came out too dark. The main problem is LR doesn’t give you any feedback in the image. You need to print the image to see the results.

One big thing I miss from Aperture is the one button Quick Fix. For most images I found that got my images 98% there. I haven’t found an equivalent in LR.


Florian Cortese's picture
by Florian Cortese
March 1, 2015 - 4:52am

Thomas, look at episode #3.  Scott Kelby gives a tip near the end of the episode about having several different small sized photos sent to print with different brightness setting to see which one you like the best for your particular camera.

Florian Cortese

Stuart's picture
by Stuart
March 1, 2015 - 3:46pm


Had some of these same issues with images being to dark. One thing I found helps is to make sure you are calibrating your monitor. Now I also did a number of test prints and used the Print Adjustment (Brightness) found under Color Management in the Print Section. You will not see any changes on the screen and it will not change the image except the image you are printing. Personally I ended up setting the Brightness to +10 and the printed image matches my monitor. Now your settings could be different.   By the way I print to an Epson 3880 from a MacBook Pro Retina 15” (June 2012). Also have an Apple 24” Apple Led Cinema Display connected. 

You amy also want to check this out Why Are My Prints Too Dark

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