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Capture 1 support not addressing issues properly #1
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by Jon Kirshner
November 7, 2015 - 4:46pm

I just imported (my first) a small Aperture library (2224 referenced .nef, .jpeg, .mov, .mpeg4) files into CP1 8.3.4.  The Aperture project and album tree imported just fine. However, I am now seeing many more ‘images’ indicated in both the User Collection section, All Images section, and Folder section. I verified the numbers as follows:

Total Images: 8163    Aperture 2015 Images (User Collection) 5939  Add 2224 + 5939 = 8163.

The Folder section is picking up images from my local hard drive and external hard drive. This is where I am also able to identify that these files are located in my Aperture.aplibrary file.

I started digging down into these image locations and started to find that my iCloud Sharing images, both active and deleted, are being ‘referenced’ here. These folders are actually ‘hidden’ in the Aperture.aplibrary that I imported. I have asked support about this. I have sent them 8 screen shots of this information. And they cannot seem to give me an answer as to why my CP1 Catalog for this import has an ‘extra 5939’ files. I used the CP1 Aperture importer and selected my Aperture Library from my OS X Pictures Folder.  I can understand if CP1 protocol is to dig down and pick up all of these hidden files, but they should know about this. Shouldn’t they?  I was also told that I should expect my CP1 Catalog to approximate the size of my Aperture Library. So my Aperture Library is 18GB, and my CP1 Catalog is 2.5 GB. My Aperture Previews are set to 1920x1920 Medium 5 , and my CP1 Images are set to 2560.

I specifically set up a small Aperture Library to first import into CP1 so that I could learn their system without going crazy trying to completely integrate all of my Aperture libraries into CP1.  I plan to start a new CP1 Catalog for new picture imports, but really want to better understand how CP1 works with my Aperture files. Any help will be appreciated.

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