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Cant find Masters after Merging 2 Libraries #1
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by Graham Parker
September 21, 2015 - 10:50am

Hi I hope someone can help.

I have an aperture library on a drobo. I exported a project to an external hard drive so that when I went away I could take it with my MBP and carry on editing and adding new images.

Yesterday I merged the 2 libraries. Opened the library on drobo and imported the one from the external hard drive, checking the box so that the changes were saved from the hard drive. Now on my newly merged library I have loads (but not all) Yellow triangle with curly arrow can’t remember the name!!! But I believe it means can’t find master. It seams strange because some are the original and some are the ones externally edited. see screen shot.

Note:- if I open the library from my external hard drive everything works ok. So the good news is I haven’t lost any images. But ultimately I want to delete the library on the external hard drive to create more space.

I was toying with the idea of deleting the projects from drobo library and starting again??

Thank you in advance for any advice.




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