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Brushing in Vignette Freezes Aperture #1
Chris Biele's picture
by Chris Biele
April 1, 2013 - 7:00pm

Hi all, I've been having this problem intermittently. Just wondering if anyone else has seen it…

I apply a vignette to an image and then choose the option to brush vignette in. Everything works as planned until I start brushing. At this point Aperture freezes and I have to force quit.

I have deleted the .plist to see if that solves my problem and I'll report back. Unfortunately after doing this I got the dreaded “Aperture has found inconsistencies in your library and needs to be repaired”. It is currently 16% complete, so it looks like I'll be waiting for another 20 mins or so to test the vignetting out.

As an aside, I almost always use my Vignette brush set to the largest and softest setting, with no rules applied (e.g. detect edges, apply to shadows, etc.). Maybe this is wreaking havoc with my memory or something?

Anyway, give me a holler if you've seen this!

David  Moore's picture
by David Moore
April 2, 2013 - 12:13am

Im having problems as well but for different reasons… my vignette is working. But from my vast experience of using AP to repair and rebuild let me say that the repair and rebuild will usually take care of problems. What machine do you have and how much free space and ram.

after that the removing the pist and Cache files are a good next step… even if you just did it. Is this vignette problem occurring on all images or just a particular folder?? open the computer under a different account name and see if it still does it. Write back for others to pick up the dialog or let us know if you fixed it. Cheers
Twitter= @davidbmoore
Scottsdale AZ

Chris Biele's picture
by Chris Biele
April 7, 2013 - 6:53pm

Sorry DBmoore, I don’t have notifications activated on this thread… I haven’t seen the problem again since removing the .plist. I had used other libraries on the same user account though, and if I recall properly the freezing while painting the vignette was also happening in one of the other libraries.

I’m on a 2012 Mac Mini 2.6 GHz, 16GB RAM, Fusion Drive.

As I mentioned, the problem seems to be fixed at the moment, but I do regret having to remove the .plist! Besides loosing all my import metadata autofill information, it also unlinked from my Flickr and Facebook accounts. After re-linking to Flickr it synced and turned all of my images (those which had been uploaded from within Aperture) to private. Not too difficult to fix, but a pain nonetheless!

Anyway, thanks for your input and I will report back if I see this odd behavior again.

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