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Batch Rating images #1
Graham Hodge's picture
by Graham Hodge
October 21, 2010 - 1:14pm

I've been learning about the value of star and colour rating of images. However, I seem to have a whole bunch (about 300) of images that I imported that have magically gained the rating of three stars, even though they don't deserve any rating.

I've been trying everything to select them all and remove the rating, so far unsuccessfully.

If anyone knows the answer to this I shall be grateful, not quite a bottle of single malt grateful, but grateful nonetheless :)

Taking Pics in Tassie

PhotoJoseph's picture
by PhotoJoseph
October 21, 2010 - 1:30pm


How about a bottle of half-malt grateful? Or is it double-malt… I never did get into Gin.


I know you’re talking about Tequila… sheesh


ANYWAY… yeah it’s dead easy. Select ‘em all, and tap the 0 (zero) key on your keyboard. That sets the rating to zero stars. That’s it.

Ah, but when you do that, what if only one of them is changing? Here’s the magic trick. Down in the bottom right of the Aperture window, look for an icon that’s a number 1 in a box. That’s the Primary Only button. When that is enabled, only the primary selection (the selected item with the thicker, heavier white outline) will be affected by things like keywords, ratings, and so-on. Toggle that off, and all selected images will be treated the same.

I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to mine. For me, I chose the key “S”, because in Final Cut Pro, S is for Solo, and it’s the same concept. But obviously you should choose something that makes sense to you.

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Graham Hodge's picture
by Graham Hodge
October 21, 2010 - 9:34pm

I’m SO glad you know Aperture more than you know whisky :)

Brilliant! didn’t know about the toggle, thanks so much.

Taking Pics in Tassie

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