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Aperture-SmugMug integrated syncing ... shared relationship? #1
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by BonnieB
June 21, 2014 - 10:10pm

I just watched the 025 Aperture live training video on SmugMug integration, and have a question that would have been great for the live version but I wasn’t there. This is confusing to write so I hope I describe it sufficiently.

The sharing feature is for uploading to SmugMug, and once there for maintaining the SmugMug version…  is that right? There could be, but I think there isn’t, a link maintained between your own Aperture photo and the version now on SmugMug, analogous to a link between a photo in a project and in an album?

Here’s an example. Say I took a trip to Turkey, and am back now and going to put more pics onto SmugMug.

On Aperture, folder = “Trip to Turkey” holding projects Ankara, Bosphorus, and Cappadocia.

On SmugMug, folder = “Trip to Turkey” holding a gallery “Cappadocia.”

Now I use Aperture to share:
-all the photos in “Ankara” to new gallery SM/Turkey/Ankara.
-some of the photos in “Bosphorus” to new gallery SM/Turkey/Bosphorus.
-For Cappadocia, some photos are already on SM/Turkey/Cappadocia because I uploaded them from my iPhone in Turkey. And now I share more from Aperture.

Later on, does it matter anymore when I’m looking at my own “Trip to Turkey” photos, that some photos were shared, and some uploaded in a different manner? If they stay linked (like an album) it would matter. But if they are now a distinct separate version, it would not matter.

If I improve the exposure on an Ankara photo, for the change to appear on SmugMug I would either have to share the new version from the project, or else make the change on the SHARED/SmugMug version…  Is that right?


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