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Aperture —> LR? #1
Frank Kurzawa's picture
by Frank Kurzawa
May 19, 2020 - 5:12pm

Hello all,

I was a long time Aperture user and loved it. I was resistant to migrating away and then when I was busy w/ school the past few years, I went for a long period of not having an opportunity to use it at all.

I’m now faced with having to migrate about 38,000 photos out of Aperture before upgrading from OS X Mojave.

I know that in the past LR had some issues importing from Aperture (e.g. not importing some files with certain special but otherwise legal characters in their file name).

Joseph’s live interview with the developer of Aperture Exporter made a pretty good case for using Aperture Exporter as the intermediary for that import to LR. But that interview is about 4 years old. Is Aperture Exporter still a preferred way to go? Or has LR improved their import capability to make a direct import from Aperture the preferred route?

While I’m at it, can anyone make a good case for using iPhoto instead of LR?

And finally, any other nuggets of advice are always appreciated. [grin]

Thanks in advance,


Frank Kurzawa

Michel Blanchard's picture
by Michel Blanchard
October 10, 2020 - 12:12am

Sorry if I’m a little bit late, but if you’re still interested, here’s my 2 cents. If you subscribe to Adobe photography plan the you already pay for Lightroom Classic so that’s more in the same category as Aperture than Photos (you wrote iPhoto, but I’m sure you meant Photos since iPhoto is no longer supported by Apple just like Aperture). If you meant the free Cloud oriented Lightroom, I don’t think it has an Import from Aperture feature, although I haven’t experimented much with it so I could be wrong. As for Aperture Exporter, I can’t say, I have no experience with it. Sadly, even Photos doesn’t seem to read Aperture libraries (unless I’m missing something). I guess I would recommend that you try out different options and see for yourself which software fits your needs best. Personally, I’m keeping my Aperture libraries around and trying to come up with my own solution.

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